Dynaudio releases new Focus 110A actively -powered monitor

Excellent sound quality and a multitude of different uses: The actively-powered Focus 110 A is the most versatile Dynaudio loudspeaker ever made.

Following the success of the award winning Dynaudio MC 15 high -end multimedia

loudspeaker, Dynaudio's latest actively powered model, the new Focus 110 A,
marries the simplicity of a refined active loudspeaker to the sophistication of a
high -end Dynaudio compact monitor.
Unlike the near -field optimized MC 15, which is ideal for desktop use, the Focus 110
A is optimized for normal rooms and true audiophile applications. With its integrated
power amplifier and advanced Dynaudio driver technology, the multipurpose Focus
110 A serves as the ideal loudspeaker for a wide range of high -end audio/video and
music systems.

Fitted with its own internal stereo amplifiers, the Focus 110 A complements many
different applications, ranging from more traditional high -end system setups to
compact office, bedroom or dorm systems: In a traditional hi -fi setup, the 110 A can
be partnered with a conventional two -channel pre -amp in a stereo system, or used
in conjunction with an integrated amplifier featuring pre -outs. A simplified, minimalist hi -fi system can be created by partnering
the 110 A directly to a CD player (or DVD/Blu -ray player) - or any audio source (i.e. a DAC or digital radio and satellite
receivers) equipped with volume control for that matter. The 110 A also serves as an ideal speaker to mate to media -server bridge devices (such as Sonos, Roku, Squeezebox, etc.),
offering incredible performance and flexibility. A simple high -end music server system can be built by connecting the 110 A to
a system comprising the Wadia iPod™ transport, a DAC an iPod™. In custom installations, the Focus 110 A can be used as a speaker in a distributed audio system zone. The 110 A could also be utilized in a multi -channel system, in tandem with a surround sound processor or even with the processor of a home theater receiver featuring pre -outs. The 110 A can be used as a high -end multimedia speaker by connecting it to a computer or laptop equipped with a good
soundcard. One can also take the performance of a portable player or personal media player such as iPod™ (directly or via a
dock) into the realm of high -end audio by connecting it directly to the Focus 110 A.
The active Focus can also be employed as a high -end TV speaker, as one can connect it directly to a flat screen monitor with
volume -controlled audio -outs. It may also be integrated into commercial applications where high quality sound is desired. The
possibilities are in fact unlimited for the powerful, accurate, yet incredibly flexible Focus 110 A model.

The specially coated soft dome tweeter and the MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/bass driver with its distinctive
diaphragm come together with sophisticated dual -amplifier technology to form this unique "active" loudspeaker. Benefiting
from Dynaudio's vast knowledge and experience developing active studio monitors, the Focus drive units have been precisely
tailored to perfectly match the internal amplifiers, just as the amplifiers have been to match the drivers. A primary advantage
of an active loudspeaker stems from the efficiency gained in optimizing the interface between the amplifier and loudspeaker
driver, while a more compact system can also be comprised. This optimized design concept yields the ultimate audio system:
An exceptional loudspeaker integrated with its own idyllic amp. To achieve the best result, the amplification of the Focus 110
A utilizes a bi -amp design: One 50 Watt amplifier powers the mid/bass driver and a second 50 Watt amplifier powers the
tweeter in each speaker. In a Focus 110 A stereo setup, this equates to 200 Watts of optimized amplifier power. The musical
result impresses upon first listen: there is remarkable precision and dynamics, combined with an excellent, naturally -balanced,
authentic sound.

The Focus 110 A is now shipping in the four standard Focus natural wood finishes (Maple, Cherry, Rosewood and Black Ash). Additionally, Dynaudio will also offer this model in new high gloss Black or White lacquer finishes
by June, 2009. The MSRP of the Dynaudio Focus 110A is $2,450 per pair.

About Dynaudio:
Dynaudio, founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems, having established itself as one of the largest and most advanced high -end audio companies worldwide. Dynaudio's home audio loudspeaker products are renown for their high -tech drivers designed, engineered and manufactured completely in -house, and for their hand crafted, furniture grade cabinetry. Distributed in over 60 markets globally, Dynaudio produces a diverse range of dedicated audiophile grade loudspeaker models and drivers for specialty audio and home theater, professional studio, car audio and OEM applications. All production is based in Skanderborg, and Dynaudio has earned the honor of ISO/TS 16949 and QS 9001 certification, confirming the quality of manufacture at the company's production facility.

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