RTcom USA Introduces World's Largest Digital Matrix Routers

New Digital Extender® EDM-8080M Expandable Digital Matrix Router (80x80) and HDSDI-7272M 3G HD-SDI Matrix Router (72x72) are Ideal for Large-Scale Applications

SPARTA, N.J. ― April 20, 2009 ― RTcom USA Inc., a provider of digital connectivity solutions for professional and consumer A/V systems, today introduced the Digital Extender® EDM -8080M, a fully expandable digital matrix router that simultaneously supports multiple digital video signals, and the HDSDI -7272M matrix router designed for SDI and HD -SDI video signal routing. Both matrix routers offer a variety of robust interface options, support multiple signals, and are ideal for large -scale broadcast systems, monitoring systems, video imaging systems, and more.

The EDM -8080M expandable digital matrix router allows integrators to use a single device for multiple signal types, rather than incorporating a variety of separate matrix switchers. Previously, each signal type ― including digital video interface (DVI), high -definition multimedia interface (HDMI), and display port ― required a separate matrix switcher, resulting in overly complex installations. The EDM -8080M, however, simultaneously supports all of these digital formats in a simplified, all -inclusive design. The expandable router features a flexible backplane with slots for modular input/output cards, which allow prompt availability for any interface, and because it is user -configurable, input/output cards can be replaced or added at any time.

The HDSDI -7272M is a matrix router designed for use with all SDI and HD -SDI video signals. Offering input and output capabilities from 12x12 to 72x72 channels, the HDSDI -7272M routes all digital video signals including SDI, HD -SDI, and 3G SDI up to 2.97 gigabytes per second. The unit's HD -SDI inputs allow for simple integration with high -definition digital video output devices such as image processors and medical imaging devices, making it ideal for use in broadcast systems, medical facilities, command and control centers, videoconferencing, and any A/V application where high -quality images need to be displayed.

"At RTcom, we have a reputation for delivering high -quality connectivity products designed to meet the needs of any application, and our EDM -8080M and HDSDI -7272M continue that tradition," said Joon Ryu, president of RTcom USA. "Catering to large -scale system design for broadcast, medical, and command and control facilities, our two new routers provide an unprecedented number of inputs and outputs for installation ease and flexibility, allowing the access and control of multiple digital interfaces with just a single product."

The EDM -8080M Features:
• 80 inputs and 80 outputs
• A variety of user interfaces via RS -232C, LAN (TCP/IP) control, and touch panel
• HDCP compliance
• Compliance to DVI version 1.0, HDMI version 1.3a, and Display port version 1.1
• Built -in Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) read function with Electrically Erasable Programmable Read -Only Memory (EEPROM) to save display EDID data and support any HDTV
• Support of non -Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) resolution, including projectors with unique resolution; easy user setup
• Support of resolutions up to WUXGA 1920x1200 at 60Hz and HDTV signals up to 1080p
• Built -in noise protection circuits in all input and output ports
• Control software included

The HDSDI -7272M Features:
• All SMPTE and ITU standards
• Data rate compatibility: 143 MB/s, 177 MB/s, 270 MB/s, 360 MB/s, 540 MB/s, 1.485 GB/s, 2.970 GB/s
• Input equalization, output re -clocking
• Interface options via RS -232, LAN (TCP/IP) control
• Easy control with preview and preset mode on touch panel
• Ethernet protocol: TCP/IP, TELNET, HTTP

Both EDM -8080M and HDSDI -7272M matrix routers are available now and require a one -month lead time with order. Please visit the RTcom booth at the 2009 NAB Show for pricing information.

North American customers can purchase RTcom USA's Digital Extender brand of connectivity solutions exclusively through Aurora Multimedia at (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com. For international inquiries, please contact RTcom USA, Inc. at (973) 383 -4878 or rtcomusa@earthlink.net.

At the 2009 NAB Show, RTcom USA will showcase all of its latest innovations in booth SL6424. For additional information please visit RTcom USA's site at www.digitalextender.com.

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About Aurora Multimedia Corporation
Aurora Multimedia Corporation is a leading provider of IP -based control systems, processors, and touch panels for A/V systems and is the exclusive source for Digital Extender® connectivity solutions from RTcom USA, Inc. Aurora Multimedia's innovative A/V solutions address a variety of global markets, including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate, and residential. Advanced A/V processors, with features such as audio delay compensation, scaling, multi -image rotation, and dual/quad display processing, add to a highly adaptive, diversified product line, which is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. In business since 1997, the company is based in northern New Jersey. For more information on Aurora Multimedia and its products, please visit www.auroramultimedia.com.

About RTcom USA Inc.
RTcom USA Inc., headquartered in Sparta, N.J., is a leading manufacturer of professional digital A/V and PC connectivity products in the digital connectivity market. As an industry pioneer, RTcom USA works closely with the major international standards -setting bodies to develop and tailor its products for the needs of system integrators, home theater consumers, and A/V equipment manufacturers. The company's products, sold under the Digital Extender® brand, include fiber optic DVI/HDMI extension systems, HDTV switchers, distribution amplifiers, matrix routers, signal converters, digital cables, and adapters. Since its founding in 2001, RTcom USA has maintained manufacturing and R&D facilities in the U.S. and Korea. Exclusively available through Aurora Multimedia in North America, customers may contact (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com to purchase the Digital Extender product line. Visit www.digitalextender.com for more information.


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