Minicom unveils new video extension system - the VGA extender at Screenmedia Expo 2009

Minicom Digital Signage is unveiling its new video extension system, the VGA Extender at the Screenmedia Expo

Zurich, Switzerland (April 1st, 2009) - Minicom Digital Signage, leader in "last mile" player -to -screen connectivity platforms for the digital signage marketplace, is unveiling its new video extension system, the VGA Extender at the Screenmedia Expo taking place April 7 -8 in Olympia, London. Booth E02. The VGA extender is a real -time, extension system able to transmit video up to 110m/360ft from one source to one screen or one source to two screens.

Ronni Guggenheim, CEO of Minicom Digital Signage, is excited about the new product. "The VGA extender answers current market needs demanding more cost effective solutions due to the difficult economy and the need to place player PCs in a secure environment. The extension enables putting media players safely in a back room, far from the public arena, while placing screens up front where they can be viewed by the public - whether in a shop window or hanging from a ceiling. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications including menu boards, in bakeries, barber shops, waiting rooms, or any other location requiring dynamic digital displays. VGA Extender provides the simplest, most cost -effective way to advertise products, promote sales, entertain or inform."

Unlike most video extenders, the VGA Extender is the only one to come with a unique dual screen receiver allowing transmission to two back -to -back screens simultaneously thereby doubling the value of your system. Users can place one screen facing towards the street grabbing the attention of passerby's 24/7 and one facing inside for your customers. Thanks to its small size, plug -and -play design and low density, low cost CAT5/5e/6/7 cabling the VGA Extender is easy to install. It also conveniently receives power from the player PC's USB port and the receiver unit is so tiny it fits easily on the back of any display device.

VGA Extender Product Manager, Amir Ginossar, notes the versatility of the system, "When a user's business grows, the VGA Extender grows with them. If a user adds more office or shop space they can also add more screens by transforming their extender (one to one) into a distributer (one to many). As part of the VDS - Video Distribution System, the VGA Extender allows adding a line splitter which multiplies the video signal allowing transmission of content to potentially hundred of screens."

About Minicom Digital Signage
Minicom Digital Signage is the world leader in the manufacturer of advanced multimedia platforms. The company's award winning solutions enable transmitting rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away. They also keep network costs down by reducing equipment and licensing requirements and better preserving your system. Today over a quarter of a million screens worldwide run using Minicom technology. A private company with over two decades of experience in providing innovative technology solutions, Minicom Digital Signage is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of digital out -of -home multimedia platforms. As a result of its success, Minicom became an Intel Capital portfolio company and was selected as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company.

For more information:
Daniela Santos
Marketing Manager
Minicom Digital Signage International HQ
T: +41 44 823 8006 F: +41 44 823 8005

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