2009 Creative Storage Conference Announces Sessions on Content Distribution and Post Production Storage

Creative Storage Conference April 19, 2009 in Las Vegas has sessions on digital storage and content distribution and post production. For more information go to www.creativestorage.org.

The Third Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS09) will be held in conjunction with the 2009 NAB Show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on April 19, 2009. Conference registration is now open at www.creativestorage.org.

Session A explores Electronic Content Delivery and Digital Storage, moderated by Phil Hodgetts of Intelligent Assistance, Inc. This session explores the evolving requirements of traditional and non -traditional content electronic delivery markets. This includes video on demand, cable and satellite distribution and network distribution. It also explores digital storage opportunities in video and content downloading and social networking. Expert session participants include:
 Richard Villars, IDC
 Geoff Tudor, Nirvanix
 Stephane Jauroyou, SeaChange International
 Sajai Krishnan, Parascale
 Kumar Adjeheet, Cleversafe
 Jay Elliot of Rocketstream and Mark Goros of Caringo will join the Q&A panel in this session.

Session B focuses on Storage for Content Editing and Post Production, moderated by Rob Kobrin of Integrated Media Technology. This session explores direct attached, networked storage as well as grid and other advanced storage architectures to support non -linear editing and post production. Participants include:
 Mark Raudonis, Bunim -Murray Productions
 Ingo Fuchs, DataDirect Networks
 Rob Caldeira, Focus Enhancements
 Phil Ritti, Cache -A Corp.
 Shai Harmelin, Isilon Systems

IBM is the web site sponsor of the 2009 Creative Storage Conference. The morning keynote speaker, Shinobu Fujihara, also comes from IBM. Data Direct Networks is a Silver Sponsor. NetApp Inc., Sun Microsystems and Focus Enhancements are Bronze sponsors. Bycast will be an exhibitor. Door prizes include a FS -5 Portable DTE Recorder and flash memory storage products.

Media and Organization Sponsors of the 2009 Creative Storage Conference include Blu -ray Disc Association, Content Delivery and Storage Association, Davis Consulting Asia, the Diffusion Group, Digital Media Net, Fibre Channel Industry Association, Home Toys, InfoStor, MediaTech, MESA, NapkinLinks, Parks Associates, Post, SCSI Trade Association, SNIA, The Shindler Perspective and the Visual Effects Society.

Some Sponsorships and exhibits are still available for the 2009 Creative Storage Conference. Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at http://www.creativestorage.org/2009SponsorCall.htm.

For 2009 Creative Storage Conference registration, visit http://www.creativestorage.org/2009Register.htm. Use discount coupon code 1233709504 while registering to get $50 off the regular registration price. To reserve your room at the Flamingo hotel on April 19 please call 1 -888 -373 -9855 and ask for their best rate. Paid attendees staying at the conference hotel on April 19 can get a $50 rebate on their conference registration.

For additional information on the conference call 408 -871 -8808 or email info@creativestorage.org.

About Coughlin Associates: Coughlin Associates puts on the Creative Storage Conference through the Entertainment Storage Alliance. Coughlin Associates provides digital storage and applications consulting, market and technology analysis and conference organization services. More information is available about Coughlin Associates at www.tomcoughlin.com.

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