ELAN Group's HomeLogic® Turbo -Charges Apple iPhone™ With Powerful New Whole -House Control Application Available Now at Apple App Store

IP Innovator Introduces Slick, Speedy iPhone-Based Controller and Fully Functional Free Live Demo with Instant-On System Access from Across the Room or Across the World

MARBLEHEAD, MA - HomeLogic™, a leading manufacturer of IP based Entertainment and Control systems, today launched HomeLogic Mobile Control, a powerful and feature rich new Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch application for instant -on, whole -house control. As part of the launch, the company also created a fully functioning free, networked demo for live nation -wide user interaction. The announcement was made by Jim Herman, HomeLogic's Co -Founder and General Manager.

The HomeLogic Mobile Control application turns any iPhone or iPod touch into a spectacular "house -in -a -pocket" wireless controller offering unlimited access and control to every automated system in the home from anywhere in the world. Out -of -the -box, with no programming or adjustments needed for standard features, the application can immediately interface with any existing HomeLogic control system for monitoring and managing security, cameras, climate, lighting, multi -room audio / video, and pool and spa settings. The application works with either the EDGE or 3G networks, giving the iPhone flexibility in the cellular mode with both battery life and processing power. The combination includes fast response with low power overhead for basic control functions and a major boost of speed through 3G when needed for video applications like checking the NannyCam or viewing potential security intrusions.

The HomeLogic Team developed the application specifically for the iPhone as an intuitive, native application that connects directly to HomeLogic's IP based Entertainment and Control systems. Faster and more feature rich than other control apps for the iPhone, it runs right on the phone without any intervening website so that responses are incredibly quick. Push a button and the results are instant in the normal WiFi or 3G mode with solid performance times in the power saving EDGE mode. Unlike most available control apps, HomeLogic's full cellular integration allows users the same levels of control and feedback they have in the home that they have thousands of miles away. An addition, the HomeLogic application was developed in house by HomeLogic, rather than by third -party developers as is common place with other Custom Control Companies, ensuring optimum performance and reliable, ongoing, full support.

"We are very excited about the HomeLogic Mobile application for the iPhone," said Mr. Herman. "Our application's capability is unlimited, response times are lightning fast and our screens are easy to read and use. We also feature one -of -a -kind system enhancements like access to system logs and histories to pinpoint problems and intrusions. Couple this with our remote security video reviews and you have incredible resources to protect your family and property - from the palm of your hand!"

HomeLogic Mobile Control allows family members with existing iPhones to immediately access the family's control system with a multi -purpose controller that outperforms other wireless controllers on the market. The app "access empowers" all authorized family members and follows the HomeLogic tradition of keeping it simple for everyone, including Dealers and their Clients. Dealers and Installers will like the way the application is easily adjusted though a Dealer configuration tool that includes dropdown menus and drag and drop functions that eliminate the need for programming.

HomeLogic's cellular controller efforts have been years in the making, predating even the iPhone. "We were able to reach our levels of sophistication and speed with the HomeLogic Mobile app because we did our homework," added Mr. Herman. "We went one -on -one with our Dealers and users four years ago to develop whole -house capability with the earliest "smart" phones. Along the way we learned a lot about these phones from engineering to ergonomics. When we started moving our work to the iPhone, coding was simply a matter of porting what we had already learned and finding ways to take advantage of some of the iPhone's incredible capabilities like auto -rotation and pinch zooms. We are happy with the technology we created supporting both the iPhone and SmartPhone, and are already working to support push technology phones."

For iPhone users who own a HomeLogic system, the installed Mobile Controller software recognizes the user's home system out -of -the -box. For those who do not yet own a HomeLogic Whole House system, HomeLogic is hosting a fully operational demo system that users can easily log into to see the capability of the software firsthand and in real -time. The demo allows users to control real working cameras, temperature, alarms and an entertainment system. For complete information on downloads, installation and customizations, users can go to http://www.homelogic.com/iphone/getting_started.html

HomeLogic Mobile Control is available now as a download application from the Apple iTunes® App Store for all iPhone and iPod touch products. Users only need to download the application from the App Store to instantly experience HomeLogic Mobile Control live.

About HomeLogic:
HomeLogic, LLC is dedicated to delivering market leading, scalable home management and control solutions that enhance a homeowner's comfort, convenience, and peace -of -mind. The Company offers IP -based turn -key solutions and directly through exclusive, certified direct Dealers. HomeLogic systems provide an elegant user experience and require no custom programming, simplifying the installation process as well as lowering the overall cost and complexity for customers. For more information, visit www.homelogic.com.

HomeLogic is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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A hi -res photo of the HomeLogic Mobile Control App running on an Apple® iPhone™ is available at: http://www.stylegroup.com/hliphone.jpg

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