SAVANT Packages Four New High -Value Solutions

New release emphasizes reduced hardware costs and increased efficiency for integrators

Osterville, MA. March 19th, 2009 -Savant Systems LLC, having led the convergence of an open architecture platform to integrate automation and control, A/V switching, and general purpose computers, has announced the introduction of four new products as part of the da Vinci 3.8.0 release. The objective of the release is substantial cost reduction achieved through bundled packages and reconfigured hardware that incorporates multiple technologies into a single platform. Savant is currently accepting orders for all new products.

ROSIE OSD -1000 Control System: ROSIE OSD (On -Screen Display) revolutionizes the end -user's interaction with their HD (high definition) displays, transforming them into living room control portals for all services and subsystems in the home. The OSD Control System is a complete ROSIE control package, featuring an integrated controller, a mobile device server and ROSIE System OSD. This powerful combination of functionality is an ideal solution for basic control installations, and is also the perfect foundation for future system upgrades. The OSD Control System functions as a master zone controller, supporting up to eight mobile devices as well as Savant's traditional and contemporary remotes. All audio/video switching and processing can be performed by 3rd party audio/video receivers, or the OSD Server based on specific installation requirements. The OSD Control System is available in a 2U rack -mountable enclosure and includes a blend of the most popular control formats. If additional control ports are required, scalable and cost -effective control is readily available by adding a ROSIE System Controller. MSRP $3800 US.

ROSIE WCS -1000 Wireless Control System: The Wireless Control System functions as a basic master zone controller, with the capacity to integrate 3rd party A/V, lighting, security and other home systems. The Wireless Control System can support up to eight mobile devices such as the iPhone™, iPod touch™. The Wireless Control System provides installers with an optimized array of control ports including 8 serial, 6 IR, 4 relay, 7 GPIO, and 1 Ethernet. It is available in a 2U rack -mountable enclosure. MSRP $3500 US.

ROSIE Keypad Bundles: ROSIE Programmable Keypads are now offered in affordable bundled solutions along with a new single -port keypad extender (TKX -2101) providing dealers and system integrators with both dramatic cost savings as well as added installation flexibility. ROSIE Programmable Keypads have been designed specifically for use with Savant's multimedia, home control and automation architecture to enable convenient control of system functionality in areas where touch panels or on -screen displays (OSD) are not appropriate. These keypads are configured and customized in the same intuitive manner as Savant's entire line of user interfaces -via the flexible and powerful design tool, RacePoint Blueprint™. A single CAT5 connection is all that is required for control and power to each keypad from the TKX -2101 extender. MSRP $500 US.

ROSIE In -Wall Touch Panel Server and Extender: Two models of in -wall touch panel servers and extenders are now available from Savant -The ITS -1001 and ITS -1002. Both In -Wall Touch Panel Servers with integrated touch panel extenders are housed in 2U rack -mountable enclosures. The ITS -1001 contains a single In -Wall Touch Panel Server along with a single -port touch panel extender, and the ITS -1002 provides dual integrated In -Wall Touch Panel Servers along with dual -port touch panel extenders. Both models transmit and extend audio, video and control signals via UTP (CAT5/5e/6) up to 300 ft to the in -wall touch panels. A single CAT5e cable connection and a single power connection is all that is required for wiring and powering ROSIE In -Wall Touch Panels. MSRP $1500 / $3000 US.

About Savant: Savant was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real -world experience in peripheral applications such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. The Savant Team is committed to redefining the Home Control Systems industry with a visionary solution to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance -friendly open platform. The Savant product suite is distinguished by an unparalleled blend of cutting -edge technology and advanced next -generation graphics.

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RETRO-M is designed to replace existing Home Intercom Systems and operate on existing 3 and 4 wire systems. BLUETOOTH you music by adding the BT-RECEIVER. No need to remove existing master wall housing, trim plates available to cover those large holes. The RETRO-M intercom unit has a built-in AM/FM radio. Plug in mp3 players such as iPod, iPhone, Zune or any other hand held player into the master and share your music with the entire family. Choose between two music sources; listen to the radio in one room and the mp3 in another room.