RTcom USA Introduces DVI and HDMI Fiber Optic Extender Solutions for HD Transmission Over Long Distances

New Fiber Optic Solutions Extend Noise-Free DVI and HDMI Signals up to 3,280 Feet

SPARTA, N.J. ― March 12, 2009 ― RTcom USA Inc., a provider of digital connectivity solutions for professional and consumer A/V systems, today announced new revolutionary fiber optic cable systems for the extension of HD audio and video signals. With modules for both Digital Video Interface (DVI) and High -Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), the new fiber optic cable systems give users the ability to place HD display devices up to an astounding 3,280 feet away from A/V sources, delivering signals without any degradation in picture quality.

The RTcom RDSEA (DVI), OBHD (HDMI), and OBCA (DVI) systems consist of one transmitter, which converts DVI or HDMI into a fiber optic signal, and a receiver that takes the fiber optic signal and converts it back to DVI or HDMI for connection to a display. Among the fiber optic systems' advanced features is RTcom's innovative optical conversion technology, which ensures that pristine signal quality is achieved at the display end even over extremely long distances. Additionally, the fiber optic extension systems feature detachability. Since the DVI and HDMI modules are detachable from the cable, the installation requires a very small opening of just one inch in order to fish the cable through the opening, thus simplifying installation.

The RDSEA systems' receivers are equipped with two DVI output ports to distribute the signal from the source to two display devices, and they can be "daisy -chained" to add expandability to the system and accommodate any size project.

All systems are ideal for applications that require the extension of HD signals over long distances, including indoor and outdoor display systems, broadcast systems, kiosk systems, information systems, and digital signage networks.

"RTcom designed the DVI and HDMI fiber optic cable series not only to dramatically increase signal extension without degradation but also to provide installers with a solution that eliminates the need to create large openings during installation," said Joon Ryu, president of RTcom USA. "As with the majority of RTcom products, the fiber optic cable systems are High -Definition Content Protection (HDCP) compliant, which allows users to transmit content -protected signals from sources to displays, providing more usefulness to digital signage, exhibition, or entertainment networks."

The DVI and Audio Super Extender (RDSEA) System Features:
• DVI data transmission speed: 1.65 Gbps (single link)
• Maximum resolution: WUXGA (1920x1200), HDTV 1920x1080p at 60Hz
• Input/output connector: DVI -D / LC /OPTICAL /RCA JACK
• Optic source: 850nm
• Optic cable: 4 core 50/125 um LC multimode
• Extension up to 3,280 ft. (1,000m) - optional
• Receiver with two DVI outputs
• System extension via "daisy -chaining" multiple receivers

The HDMI Fiber Optic Extender (OBHD) System Features:
• Optimization for HDTV (HDCP Compliant)
• Separate HDMI transmission and reception boxes, which are connected with LC connectors
• Capability to run through small conduits or small openings as the transmitter and receiver are detachable from the cables (requires only 1 inch opening)
• Support for high resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz,480p,720p,1080i, and 1080p at 60Hz
• Extension up to 3,280 ft. (1,000m) - optional
• Capacity to carry uncompressed digital video and audio signal
• Support of manual EDID capture from display as well as preprogrammed factory EDID

The DVI Fiber Optic Extender with Audio (OBCA) System Features:
• Optimization for Digital Displays (HDCP compliant)
• Separate single link DVI -D transmission and reception boxes, which are connected with LC connectors
• Support of high resolutions up to 1920x1200, HDTV signal up to 1080p
• Extension up to 3,280 ft. (1,000m) - optional
• Support of manual EDID capture from display as well as preprogrammed factory EDID
• Capacity to carry digital audio signal separately

The OBCA and OBHD Series are available now at an MSRP of $599 each, while the RDSEA Series is available at an MSRP of $1,169 each.

North American customers can purchase RTcom USA's Digital Extender brand of connectivity solutions exclusively through Aurora Multimedia at (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com. For international inquiries, please contact RTcom USA, Inc. at (973) 383 -4878 or rtcomusa@earthlink.net.

At the upcoming 2009 NAB Show, RTcom USA and Aurora Multimedia will showcase all of their latest innovations in booth SL6424. For additional information please visit RTcom USA's site at www.digitalextender.com. For media inquires or to schedule a booth tour, please contact Veronica Esbona at (954) 392 -6990 or veronica@wallstcom.com.

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About Aurora Multimedia Corporation
Aurora Multimedia Corporation is a leading provider of IP -based control systems, processors, and touch panels for A/V systems and is the exclusive source for Digital Extender connectivity solutions from RTcom USA, Inc. Aurora Multimedia's innovative A/V solutions address a variety of global markets, including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate, and residential. Advanced A/V processors, with features such as audio delay compensation, scaling, multi -image rotation, and dual/quad display processing, add to a highly adaptive, diversified product line, which is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. In business since 1997, the company is based in northern New Jersey. For more information on Aurora Multimedia and its products, please visit www.auroramultimedia.com.

About RTcom USA, Inc.
RTcom USA Inc., headquartered in Sparta, N.J., is a leading manufacturer of professional digital A/V and PC connectivity products in the digital connectivity market. As an industry pioneer, RTcom USA works closely with the major international standards -setting bodies to develop and tailor its products for the needs of system integrators, home theater consumers and A/V equipment manufacturers. The company's products, sold under the Digital Extender® brand, include fiber optic DVI/HDMI extension systems, HDTV switchers, distribution amplifiers, matrix routers, signal converters, digital cables and adapters. Since its founding in 2001, RTcom USA has maintained manufacturing and R&D facilities in the U.S. and Korea. Exclusively available through Aurora Multimedia in North America, customers may contact (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com to purchase the Digital Extender product line. Visit www.digitalextender.com for more information.


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