INSTEON Home Automation Technology and Training to Be Featured at New Southern Show Home

SmartLabs, Inc. announces that free hands-on INSTEON certification trainings will be offered during the EHX Expo in Orlando, Florida from March 11th through March 13th, 2009.

IRVINE, CA - SmartLabs, Inc. announces that free hands -on INSTEON certification trainings will be offered during the EHX Expo in Orlando, Florida from March 11th through March 13th, 2009.

Training and certification will be offered three times per day at the New Southern Show Home, and will be hosted by industry veteran and INSTEON National Training Manager Steve Lee. New and experienced users will learn the latest installation tips, programming steps, and how to make jobs more profitable! All classes will cover the basics of INSTEON, Cortexa, ELK & ISY; INSTEON training will also feature the latest INSTEON products, applications and techniques.

The Southern Show Home is a project headed up by the James M. Krantz Corporation to design and build a home that will showcase inventive architecture and interior design, setting the standard of contemporary living for the Southern lifestyle. INSTEON was specifically selected as a low -cost automation solution that will link home systems together, such as lighting, security, comfort control, electronics, appliances and safety sensors for remote energy management and control. The build incorporates over 160 INSTEON devices and over 200 INSTEON points of control. According to Smarthome National Trainer Steve Lee, "we have teamed up with the Southern Show Home to showcase INSTEON as an energy -efficient, functional and reliable home automation solution that people can afford."

For those interested in training, Steve Lee may be contacted via telephone at 949 -294 -2484. Further information regarding this training is available at

SmartLabs is dedicated to supplying consumers with INSTEON technology that is affordable, simple for the homeowner to install and reliable. Additionally, INSTEON home automation devices are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient and fun to use. Ultimately, INSTEON makes home control readily available for adoption by everyone.


About SmartLabs
Founded in 1992, SmartLabs, Inc. is an integrated technology company in the home automation market. SmartLabs is organized into three divisions: SmartLabs Technology, the pioneering architects of INSTEON wireless home control technology; SmartLabs Design, which designs and develops Smarthome products; and Smarthome Direct, which sells its own, as well as, third -party products to consumers online at, through their direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

SmartLabs' INSTEON dual -mesh, wireless home control networking technology uses a simple, low -cost combination of wireless and power line communications. Using INSTEON, it is easy to link together home systems such as lighting, security, HVAC (comfort control), A/V, appliances and sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world. INSTEON -compatible products can also bridge to other networks, such as Wi -Fi LANs, the Internet and telephony, serving as the foundation for robust, integrated home control. The INSTEON Alliance is comprised of over 1000 developers and offers a focused community for developers and manufacturers to incorporate the INSTEON standard into products.

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