Next Generation Ships 100,000th Remote RF Extender

Award-Winning Solution Achieves Sales Milestone through Flawless Performance, Universal Acceptance and Customer Satisfaction

Port Richey, Florida, March 9, 2009 - Next Generation Home Products LLC, an innovative provider of unique product solutions for the a/v markets, announced that the company has achieved a significant sales milestone. As of February 2009, Next Generation has shipped more than 100,000 of its award -winning Remote Control Extenders, an affordable product that turns the infrared signal from any remote control into long -range Radio Frequency (RF) signal. By simply installing the supplied battery transmitter, the remote will have more power, longer range and greater ease of use.

All the user needs to do is install the RF battery transmitter in place of one of the AA or AAA batteries inside their existing remote control, then point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the component they wish to control. Like magic, their existing conventional IR remote control is converted to a state of the art RF remote allowing the freedom to go from room -to -room and control components up to 100 feet away. No direct line -of -sight is needed. It even works through closet doors and closed entertainment cabinets.

If more than one remote is to be controlled, additional battery transmitters can be added. Unlike other remote control extenders, nothing is attached to the front of the remote nor is the user limited to using their remote in only one room. The RF Remote Extender utilizes state -of -the -art patented technology, works with virtually all IR remote controls, and contains its own easy -to -replace battery which is readily available.

Bob Dolatowski, President of Next Generation commented, "Our Remote Extender has been called the greatest thing to happen to the remote control since infrared. Since its introduction, it has been such a hit that many of our sales come from customer referral and word -of -mouth. I have the privilege of speaking personally with many consumers who have bought our RF Extender and they can't believe how well the product works and what a great value it is."

The Next Generation RF Extender Kit comes supplied with an RF Receiver (i.e. flying saucer) that has a built -in charger, a battery transmitter (available in either 433 or 418 frequencies) that works with most AA and AAA batteries, a single -eye IR Emitter and two rechargeable batteries.

Key Feature/Benefits
• # 1 - Next Generation's RF extender is patented and the best -selling product of its kind.
• Smart and simple - converts the IR signal from the remote control into long -range RF radio signal by simply installing the supplied battery transmitter
• Powerful - controls components from up to 100' away
• Easy to operate - no direct line of sight needed
• Comes complete - the Remote Extender kit has everything you need to convert one remote/one component. Additional accessories are readily available.

About Next Generation Home Products LLC
Next Generation is an innovative provider of unique a/v product solutions for the residential and light commercial markets. Founded in 2002 and based in Port Richey, Florida, Next Generation designs its award -winning products and markets them throughout the world.

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