Innovative Virtual Communication - HyperMirror System Uses HaiVision's Low -Latency MAKO -HD™ Codec at Osaka University

HaiVision Network Video, the world's leading vendor of high definition (HD) H.264 TelePresence codecs, today announced that its hai1020™ network video system and acclaimed MAKO-HD™ H.264 codec are being implemented in HyperMirror*.

MONTREAL - March 9, 2009 - HaiVision Network Video, the world's leading vendor of high definition (HD) H.264 TelePresence codecs, today announced that its hai1020™ network video system and acclaimed MAKO -HD™ H.264 codec are being implemented in HyperMirror*, an innovative integrated solution that brings distance -learning participants into a single virtual room. Developed at Japan's Osaka University's graduate school of human sciences, HyperMirror uses the HaiVision encoding system to create a live composite image that incorporates participants from various locations.

"Conventional conferencing systems establish both physical and psychological distance between participants, but HyperMirror blends those separate worlds into one shared conversation space," said Takanori Maesako, the Osaka University professor behind the HyperMirror solution. "To make this system most effective, we required an encoding system with exceptionally low latency, as well as a smooth, realistic picture. We found that among the systems we evaluated, HaiVision provided the lowest bit rate for the degree of picture quality HyperMirror requires."

HyperMirror creates a composite on -screen image that appears as though it has been shot by a single video camera. Participants see themselves within that image, watching their interactions with others from a third -person perspective. Delivered by systems integrator HOEI SANGYO Co. of Tokyo, the HaiVision encoder is integrated with an HD camera (HD -SDI), a monitor, the HyperMirror unit, a chroma key mixer, and a sound mixer at each site to make this communications model possible. The robust performance of the MAKO -HD codec makes HyperMirror a viable solution, as its very low latency eliminates any awkward delay that can make interaction among participants difficult.

Designed to encourage real -time socializing and collaboration, HyperMirror breaks down barriers to communication. However, high latency compromises the feeling of being in the same room. The MAKO -HD "zero latency" codec from HaiVision, the highest -performance H.264 codec available for HD, supports up to 1080p resolution and an imperceptible 70 millisecond end -to -end latency. HaiVision's highly efficient MPEG -4 AVC/H.264 video compression at unsurpassed levels enables communication of high -resolution HD (up to 1080p) or SD video and super wideband audio across IP networks at bandwidths of anywhere from 256 kbps to 10 Mbps.

HyperMirror has been installed in numerous education settings - from primary schools to university campuses - to facilitate teaching, demonstrations, and the exchange of ideas among students and instructors at multiple sites. By enabling highly interactive communication over DSL, cable, fiber optic, and satellite links, the solution allows users to build better relationships and a greater level of involvement in shared conversations or classes.

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About Osaka University
Osaka University was established in 1931 as Japan's sixth imperial university, but its motto "Live Locally, Grow Globally" lies in two earlier founding establishments, Kaitokudo and Tekijuku. Kaitokudo was founded in 1724 by the citizens, and Tekijuku was opened in 1838 by Ogata Koan, a prominent medical doctor. These two establishments were influenced by cutting -edge knowledge and functioned as the place for creation of knowledge and education. Today, Osaka University continues to educate students, researchers engaged in cutting -edge research, and individuals who are socially responsible and value critical thinking, imagination, and crosscultural communication. More information about the university is available at

About HaiVision Network Video
Based in Montreal, QC, and Chicago, Ill., HaiVision Network Video is a private company and a world leader in delivering the most advanced video networking technology and IPTV solutions. HaiVision's products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies, in the most rigorous military and defense applications, in healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training, for education and remote learning, in interactive broadcast applications, in IPTV applications, and within the world's leading TelePresence suites. HaiVision distributes its products through value -added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide.

*Osamu Morikawa and Takanori Maesako, HyperMirror: Toward Pleasant -to -use Video Mediated Communication System, CSCW98 pp.149 -158(1998) (


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