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Smarthome, the Home Automation Superstore, offered President Barack Obama its services and resources to automate the White House to make it more energy efficient.

IRVINE, CA - President Barack Obama knew his first weeks in office would be tough with the economic crisis and the war in Iraq, however he could not have imaged that the first smudge on his presidency would be for keeping the thermostats too high in the White House.

During the last days of January, media outlets began criticizing Obama for turning up the Oval Office thermostat, an action Obama lectured voters on during his campaign.

"After seeing the backlash he had gotten I offered our help," said Smarthome Chief Technology Officer Dan Cregg. "I wrote him a letter offering to automate the White House so thermostats, lights and appliances could all be controlled via remote control, timers or motion sensors so no energy would be wasted." SmartLabs engineers and manufacturers over 200 automated home control products with their award -winning, patented INSTEON technology.

Cregg added, "Since he's cutting spending in a lot of areas, my offer was free products and installation, so I'm really hoping one morning to have a voicemail from the White House." Thus far, Obama has not replied.

Smarthome's corporate offices in Irvine, CA have already implemented changes proposed to the President by Cregg. All of the infrequently used lights are on INSTEON motion sensors, INSTEON thermostats are remotely controlled, and employees are updated daily on the company's energy consumption. Employees on the west side of the building typically rely on sunlight en lieu of overhead lighting.


About SmartLabs
Founded in 1992, SmartLabs, Inc. is an integrated technology company in the home automation market. SmartLabs is organized into three divisions: SmartLabs Technology, the pioneering architects of INSTEON wireless home control technology; SmartLabs Design, which designs and develops Smarthome products; and Smarthome Direct, which sells its own, as well as, third -party products to consumers online at, through their direct mail catalog and via their brick and mortar retail store located in Irvine, CA.

SmartLabs' INSTEON dual -mesh, wireless home control networking technology uses a simple, low -cost combination of wireless and power line communications. Using INSTEON, it is easy to link together home systems such as lighting, security, HVAC (comfort control), A/V, appliances and sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world. INSTEON -compatible products can also bridge to other networks, such as Wi -Fi LANs, the Internet and telephony, serving as the foundation for robust, integrated home control. The INSTEON Alliance is comprised of over 1000 developers and offers a focused community for developers and manufacturers to incorporate the INSTEON standard into products.

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