VANTAGE INTRODUCES NEW SOFTWARE RELEASES - Managing integration projects is easier than ever before

Vantage, a pioneer in luxury home systems, has introduced new software releases to make lighting control and integration of audio- video products and other sub systems much easier and quicker for the installer.

1. INFUSION DESIGN CENTER - integration solutions

Infusion Design Center is the software that accompanies the InFusion Controller,the master brain of a Vantage system and is specifically designed to meet to the dealers' needs: saving time and increasing the opportunity to make more money. With this Vantage software complex lighting scenes are quickly created and third -party systems are easily integrated. It includes third party device libraries with easy drag -and -drop menus, making integration of audio video solutions so much easier. It also includes TPT Designer which simplifies touchscreen programming with pre -programmed templates. The Infusion Design Center software allows Vantage dealers, with minimal training, to provide a complete solution for the homeowner.

2. DRIVER TOOLS™ - build communication drivers for any IR, serial or IP based device
Driver ToolsTM provides the Vantage dealer with the ability to create and edit one way and bidirectional drivers for use in InFusion Design Center Projects. Driver Tools is the application that is used to build communication drivers for any IR, serial or IP based device. With these re -useable drivers Vantage project programming and integration of distributed audio systems, HVAC controllers,security panels, shade controls, pool and spa equipment, home theaters and other systems becomes easier than ever before.

3. INFUSION MEDIA™ - create elegant touchscreen solutions
With InFusion Media™,the software suite that drives Vantage touchscreens, projects are now easier to set -up, program and customize than everbefore. InFusion Media empowers the Vantage dealer to create elegant solutions for the homeowner. Vantage touchscreens arrive preloaded with custom software that enables them to communicate with the Vantage system. Preprogrammed widgets deliver control of lighting, music, photos, cameras,the internet and a customizable weather display. InFusion Media server software provides an easy solution for media management, creating a bi -directional portal to iTunes™, Windows Media Player™ and Windows Media Center™.With inFusion Media, Vantage has taken the heavy lifting out of complex media management.

4. WEBPOINT 2.0 - acces the Vantage homesystem from your cell phone or laptop
Webpoint 2.0 provides the ability to access the Vantage system while on the go. From your cell phone or laptop control, monitor, and schedule lights, thermostats, and scenes as well as surveillance cameras and securitysystems. With WebPoint 2.0 installed on a dedicated XP or Vista PC in the home, users can access their Vantage system from any device enabled with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Opera Mobile. Via the home's local area network,
WebPoint connects to the InFusion or Q Controller, giving users control of their home or a complete campus, where they can create, edit and schedule scenes and individualized events. .Using an intuitive interface and one of the many themes available, users will not only be able to customize their own remote access experience but also be able to set multiple user permissions levels and do it quickly.

About Vantage
For more then 20 years Vantage has been a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. Vantage offers a powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be pre -programmed to activate according to a schedule, sensor or button. Simple stylish keypads or touchscreens can eliminate entire rows of unsightly switches. The complete system interconnects with a simple, non -polarized two -wire bus making Vantage products the easiest to install, and the most versatile and trouble free available. Vantage distributes its products through a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers.

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