Screen Research Launches New Fixed and Motorized Screen Solutions

The company's new engineering and aesthetic feats provide system integrators with greater installation flexibility and options for custom home cinemas.

Amsterdam, NL - ISE 2009 - 3/02 - 5/02 - Hall 1, Stand 1J109 - Screen Research, a world -class provider of innovative projector screen solutions for the custom home theater and professional markets, will showcase its newest projection screens at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2009. For the first time at ISE, European system integrators will have the opportunity to see the company's significant product advancements, including new installation -friendly technologies, masking and design upgrades.

Screen Research's new TFX™ floating tab -tensioning system exemplifies the company's installer -first focus. Delivering compelling versatility and ease of installation, the patent -pending TFX system provides the greatest level of screen rigidity and flatness available, enabling installers to achieve optimal image quality for hanging or motorized screens. With TFX, one weight "floats" inside the other, independently applying vertical and lateral force. Through this lighter and more efficient screen design, the inner weight engages with the outer, and the screen safely ascends with no danger of deforming the screen and its roller assembly. This means that screens can be available in larger standard sizes, use more rigid fabrics, deal with different fabric elastic properties independent of size and allow for more extra drop combinations.

Also on display will be Screen Research's new full -closure masking option for its top -of -the -line X -Mask fixed screen. The option, which allows lateral masking to fully cover the screen when it is not in use, requires specification of the company's Lutron Sivoia QED™ motor option, for its setp -by -step positioning accuracy and which guarantees virtually quiet operation. Full -closure masking provides all the flexibility of properly reproducing film content in less common formats, while also providing protection to the screen when not in use.

Finally, Screen Research will show new aesthetic upgrades that allow integrators to offer greater levels of customization to their customers. A new decorative TailorMade™ leather frame finish option, available in 36 colors, features a flush -fit 45 -degree miter -cut fabric joint and corner framing to present a picture -perfect look with clean, non -overlapping corner joints. DécorMask™, another new option, is a high -definition decorative screen cover that utilizes a horizontal masking system. Its curtain -like mask can be customized to feature an image of the customer's choice reproduced in a high -resolution print. When the screen is in use, the personalized image is concealed; when cinema viewing fun is over, the curtain slides into place, replacing the blank screen with the HD art image of the customer's choice.

Visit Screen Research at Stand 1J109 for demonstrations of:

• a laterally masked 110 -inch X -Mask screen in a 2.35:1 CinemaScope native ratio. The X -Mask, featuring Screen Research's award -winning ClearPix2™ acoustically transparent screen material in Pearl Gray, features the new TailorMade™ leather frame finish and DécorMask™ options.

• a Top/Bottom masking 110 -inch C -Mask screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with the new GrayPix™ Ultra -Contrast screen fabric.

• a new Motorized On -Ceiling 90 -inch MS2 screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with ClearPix2 in White. This screen will also be used to demonstrate the Screen Research Flat Cinema concept.

• other new products on display:
o New Motorized In -Ceiling Trap door screen, 32 -inch MS2 -IT.
o New Motorized In -Ceiling Slot screen with masking, MMS2 -T -IS.
o Laterally masked X -Mask TheaterCurve screen, 40 -inch T -XLS featuring TailorMade Lutron Motor and Full Closure masking options.
o New FS2 TheaterCurve screen, 32 -inch T -FS2.

Screen Research home cinema screen solutions will also be on demonstration at partners' stands throughout the show floor, including:

• Home Theater Europe, Booth 1K88 - Screen Research 118 -inch laterally masked X -Mask TheaterCurve in 2.35:1 native ratio and featuring ClearPix2 fabric in White.

• Imerge, Booth 1K10 - New 90 -inch FS2 fixed screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with SoldiPix1 fabric.

• Projection Design, Booth 1J51 - New 140 -inch FS2 fixed screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with SolidPix1 fabric.

• Lutron, Booth 4N74 - Screen Research 100 -inch motorized in -ceiling slot screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with SolidPix1 fabric.

• Crestron, Booth 1F14 - New 100 -inch FS2 fixed screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with ClearPix2 fabric in White.

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About Screen Research
Headquartered in Nantes, France, Screen Research is a world -class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide, Screen Research offers an extensive line of state -of -the -art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award -winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens.

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