Tangent's Amp 30 Ampster

30 wt Amplifier has a unique universal holder & allows listeners to connect their mp3-players, mobile phones and laptops to a pair of high-quality loudspeakers. It's plug-and-play with two sets of banana plugs for an outstanding connection.

Tangent AMP -30 Ampster - Amplifier with unique universal holder increases listening possibilities.

The new Tangent Ampster amplifier provides expanded musical experience to its users, by allowing them to connect their portable digital music players directly to a pair of high -quality loudspeakers. Music on mp3 -players, mobile phones and laptops grows into an enveloping experience, faithfully reproduced with rich sonic details.

"Changes in usage patterns make it logical to introduce a stationary speaker connection for portable digital music players, even if the idea sounds contradictory. More and more people use their MP3 -players and mobile phones as their primary source of music, and are looking for great sound to match their favourite tunes. The Tangent Ampster fits the bill perfectly," says Torben Kristensen, Product and Sales Manager of Tangent.

Plug -n -Play operation
The Tangent Ampster features one of the simplest operating principles there is: plug -and -play. Just connect your preferred music source and a pair of speakers, twist the single operating knob, and you're ready to rock. Try it with two Tangent EVO E4 speakers and form a great sounding, great looking partnership. Tangent Ampster can also be used with existing speakers, so don't fret if you're completely happy with what you've already got.

Universal holder
Tangent Ampster can be used with almost any player or phone delivering a line -out signal. Kristensen explains how Tangent could design a universal holder, when there are zillions of these different devices containing music?

"The design team found the answer by combining geometry and an item originating in a time when LP's ruled the music scene: the bean bag chair. The striking triangular -shaped bean bag holder is the perfect partner to the Tangent Ampster. Stand it up, lay it down, turn it around: it is always ready to give your music source a comfortable place to chill out while providing the music. A USB -connection also lets you charge your player at the same time," Kristensen continues

Two sets of banana plugs (provided) offer an outstanding connection to your speakers, letting your small music player fill up the room just like the other big -boy stereos on the market.

Available soon
Tangent AMP -30 Ampster will soon be available at the Tangent dealer nearest you. Additional information on Tangent AMP -30 Ampster and the rest of the Tangent product range can be found on www.tangent -audio.com. You are also welcome to contact Sales & Product Manager Torben Kristensen via e -mail: tok@tangent -audio.com.

Tangent - design and engineering
Tangent products are developed and produced by Tangent A/S, Drejervej 2, 7490 Aulum, Denmark. Tangent is a registered trademark.

Tangent is distributed in North America by Kevro International Inc, 902 McKay Rd. Pickering, ON L1W 3x8.
905 428 2800

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