smartprojecting: the easy way of projecting on extraordinary surfaces

The VIOSO GmbH makes extraordinary projection easy and affordable for end user.

At the moment VIOSO offers smartprojecting for application in everyday presentations and smartprojecting expert for use in the professional field. In addition several projects according to client specifications are in progress under the name VIOSO development.

The smartprojecting technology simplifies the interplay between PC and beamer tremendously and provides the user with dependability in his presentation. smartprojecting recognises and activates the connected beamer automatically. After that the projected image can be corrected in realtime directly from PC, both in shape and colour. The patented "smartprojecting" technology is unique, with which - apart from the normal projection on white walls - images can also be projected onto other surfaces without distortion and colour true!

smartprojecting customers include typical information staff that holds daily presentations at clients and other users such as restaurant owners, advanced training centres or schools, community organisations as well as engineers, artists, events technicians and private persons.

smartprojecting expert impresses with its unique possibility to combine up to four beamers into one picture perfect large image in a matter of minutes. The scheduled and spatial layout of content, the control per display screen and DMX round off the product to a simple but powerful solution for event technicians.
smartprojecting expert especially appeals to clients in the fields of theatre, advertising and events planning.

But also clients such as large companies, research institutes or even architects use the range of services by VIOSO development for individual projection displays in various forms.


The patented smartprojecting technology enables user to project on almost every surface without deformation and discoloration!

To create a virtual "white wall" you have to start the calibration process of smartprojecting. The process takes depending on the amount of adapted beamer no more then a few minutes. The calibration requires an extra digital camera which is connected to your laptop during this short process.

The camera records the different patterns the beamer is projecting on the surface and the smartprojecting software calculates them. After the calibration process the software manipulates the content in a way that the projecting surface appears to be a perfect canvas (in color and texture). The result is a perfect image wherever you give a presentation.
Besides the possibility of projecting on almost any surface smartprojecting offers you a variety of useful applications.

Main features:

1. The interaction of smartprojecting, Beamer, Computer and Camera provides an automatic color and geometry correction of any data and video projection on almost any surface.

2. This technology is the basis for a wide range of further features, e.g. a panorama picture with automatic generated softedge, pixel -precise brightness enhancement (automatic stacking), cutting, masking and painting on the projection screen.

3. The smartprojecting technology is getting interesting for portable terminals such as mobile phones, since the only voluminous part left is the display.

The company

The history of VIOSO GmbH starts in 2004 at the Bauhaus University (Weimar) with the "smartprojector" project. With the establishment of VIOSO GmbH in 2007 the brilliant idea of "Projection on any surface" was patented and brought on the market in the form of a software package. It has consistently been developed further since then and today a growing team of currently 13 employees apply themselves to realising the VIOSO goal in already two locations (Weimar and Düsseldorf): "To supply international standard software for projection!"

Featured Product

ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

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