ELAN® Launches Groundbreaking Elios™ Architectural and Cinema Speaker Line Engineered to Meet the Highest Expectations of Listeners and Custom Installers Alike

Extensive New Line Features Exclusive, Patent-Pending Nano-Tech Tweeter Design and Innovative Installation Solutions for the Custom Installer

LEXINGTON, KY - ELAN® Home Systems, a leading manufacturer of award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems, today announced the launch of Elios™, the company's broad new line of high -performance in -wall and in -ceiling architectural and cinema speakers. The official launch of Elios begins with the introduction of 19 unique models. Elios truly breaks new ground, delivering sonic excellence through its exclusive use of nano -coating tweeter technology, real -world voicing, and a unique, precision -engineered clamping system. The announcement was made by Bob Farinelli, ELAN's President and Chief Technology Officer.

Developed from the ground up in direct response to the ever -evolving needs of today's homeowners and with input from custom electronics Contractors, Elios incorporates never before used technologies and one -of -a -kind mechanical designs into its entire line of speakers. In addition, each Elios speaker is voiced in multiple real life -listening environments and installations.

An industry first and foremost among the array of Elios innovations is its new hybrid tweeter design that bonds a Titanium / Aluminum nano coating to a Teteron dome substrate. Utilized in the line's upper end models, this innovation delivers the high frequencies, precision, speed and transient response of metal tweeters yet retains the desirable smooth and silky sound of soft dome tweeters resulting in a best -of -both -worlds solution.

Additionally, Elios speakers use higher power -handling components for their crossover networks than most other brands. Utilizing a completely integrated approach to crossover design, combined with optimization software and extensive listening, ELAN's Elios cinema line catapults speakers to the next level with the use of high -quality inductors and polypropylene capacitors. All these components contribute to less distortion and higher sound quality, positioning Elios speakers as a cut above the rest.

"Elios represents the best sounding, highest performing speaker line that ELAN and our family of Companies have delivered to date," said Mr. Farinelli. In regard to the unique value proposition the line offers he added, "Homeowners no longer consider whole -house audio simply as background music. Digital audio has brought crystal -clear music directly to the ears of millions, and that same high -quality sound is now expected for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and beyond. Dealers also now have higher expectations; and not just sonically. Design quality and ease of installation have become critical factors for today's Custom Contractors whose primary consideration is providing their clients with the best and doing so in as efficient a manner as possible. Elios is the answer to meeting these higher expectations."

Also unique to Elios is a completely new and improved and state -of -the -art drywall leg clamping system, which will provide Installers with the fastest, easiest, most reliable and trouble -free installation of any speakers on the market today. Made of virtually indestructible plastics, each clamping leg rests atop its own "leg tower" which ensures a quick release every time. Running through the clamping leg is a specially designed heavy -duty screw, capped with an acorn nut for the protection of the Installer and to prevent accidental disengagement. Additionally, the base of each clamping leg is considerably wider than traditional legs, providing increased surface area for a more secure fit against the inside of walls and ceilings without causing the drywall to crumble. The Company has created a video of this compelling feature, as it is exclusive to the Elios line (See link below).

Elios' unique baffle and frame designs ensure that grilles will always go on easily and always stay in place. In addition, ELAN took special care in selecting the right plastic for the line's bezels to allow for a wide range of paints to properly adhere to it including eco -friendly, water based enamel paints.

Elios speakers have many other industry -leading features. Three different in -ceiling baffle designs including both pivoting and rotating baffles allows the Installer to easily and precisely direct sound into the listening area, resulting in greatly enhanced stereo imaging regardless of speaker placement or room dimensions. All Elios speakers have been custom engineered with larger woofer motors and magnets specifically designed for in -wall/in -ceiling applications.

The line also covers five different price point levels offering an even broader range of options than the Company's award -winning M Series of speakers which initially catapulted the Company into the speaker arena and has since enjoyed quadrupled speaker sales.

The complete Elios Line is targeted to begin full shipping in April 2009 with MSRPs ranging from $200 to $1,500 per pair, representing a broader price range than the Company has ever offered to its Dealers. A high -quality point -of -purchase display, available from ELAN, has also been designed to help Dealers on the sales front. Designed for a lifetime of use, all Elios speakers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

About ELAN Home Systems:
ELAN Home Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative, award -winning Multi -Room audio/video and home control systems. Based in Lexington, KY, the company's systems were the first to integrate audio, video, phones and third -party products to create a seamless, easy -to -use "whole house" experience. The company's unique products provide complete lifestyle, feature -rich solutions, yet can be configured to fit the specific needs of every homeowner. ELAN products are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States, Canada and 58 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

ELAN is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC, Lexington, Kentucky. VIA! is a registered trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Hi -res photos of ELAN's Elios Speaker Family and the Flagship E95C Elios Speaker are available:
Elios Speaker Family - http://www.stylegroup.com/Elios.jpg
Flagship E95C Speaker - http://www.stylegroup.com/EliosE95C.jpg

Exclusive Links to Elios New Technology Videos:
Elios Clamping System - http://www.elanhomesystems.com/art_images/elan_elios_clamping.wmv
Elios Grille Fit - http://www.elanhomesystems.com/art_images/elan_elios_grill.wmv
Elios Nano -Tech Tweeter - http://www.elanhomesystems.com/art_images/elan_elios_tweeter.wmv

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