BMB launches multiple innovative new products at ISE 2009

BMB Electronics, one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting solutions will again be a proud participant in the annual International "ISE Show".

BMB Electronics, one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting solutions will again be a proud participant in the annual International "ISE Show" between February 3rd and 5th at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam.

The BMB stands are located in Hall 1, Booth numbers K30 and M22.

BMB will be placing a special show focus on several exciting new products from the following companies:

Niles launches the ZR -6 - This multi -zone receiver features a six -source, six -zone system (expandable to 18 zones) that is targeted to the needs of the European custom market. It satisfies the majority of customers' requirements by incorporating everything needed to integrate iPod®, AM/FM, and up to five legacy sources into an advanced distributed audio system.

URC's MX -6000 - The MX -6000 home theatre remote control provides users with access to their media library - including data on their PC and iPod - using both a narrow band 418 MHz transmitter (a 433 MHz version will follow soon) and an 802.11 B/G WiFi transceiver. This makes the MX -6000 the first remote control to offer two independent communications and control methods simultaneously. Only URC's PSX -1 adds the exciting features that turn your iPod into a true Personal Server. Everything you've downloaded, from podcasts to music videos, movies and TV shows is selectable on the screen of the MX -6000.

ReQuest's IMC - The Intelligent Media Client is the key to unlocking the full potential of your ReQuest system. With ReQuest's award winning media servers and this small video client, you are closer than ever to enjoying movies, online video, music, photos and more, all in blazing 1080p HDTV.

Sherbourn shows its new IWA -1 In Wall Amplifier
The long awaited distinctive Sherbourn IWA -1 (In -Wall) amplifier offers a myriad of features and its robust 90 watt external power supply allows it to drive two pairs of 8 -ohm speakers or, one pair of 8 -ohm speakers with a separate subwoofer. Designed primarily for use with a flat panel television, this diminutive class A/B amplifier outputs 25 watts of clean "discrete power and may be mounted in a standard "double -gang" electrical box.

Key Digital MSCAT8x8
As the amount of video and audio sources continues increasing and component cables simply take up too much room in your rack, you need a simple 1 box solution! With the new MSCAT8x8, you can run CAT5/6/7 cables all over the property and then locally terminate the cables with Key Digital's NEW Smart Baluns™. This unit will also allow you to adjust Volume, Bass, Treble, Tone, & Lip Sync control.

TruAudio - The new Ghost Series - scary good…
TruAudio speakers are known for amazing sound and ease of installation;
now they pretty much disappear too. The housing for the Ghost Series speakers features a special low profile lip embossed with high power magnets. The grill then attaches to the magnets and covers the lip. Once installed, no part of the speaker shows except for the grill. Since the grill has no frame, it easily disappears and blends into the installation environment.
Neat, tidy and just what the customer wants.

Atlantic Technology - IP Speaker
Atlantic Technology introduces IP -Ready loudspeakers which are compatible with the NetStreams(r) StreamNet(TM) whole -house Internet -Protocol (IP) A/V distribution technology. Atlantic's StreamNet -Ready speakers deliver unsurpassed audio performance because the NetStreams system produces a synchronized digital signal from the source that provides the ideal signal matched to the speaker.

Planet Waves - ZM Series
Planet Waves debut their new ZM Series 2 -piece connector at the ISE show. The first piece sits on the cable end the tech has prepared with Planet Waves' stripper and is fastened with a set screw. A lip inside the piece assures you that the cable is fitted into the end to the proper length. Once that's done, the actual connector screws on to the mounting piece. This allows installers to choose between RCA, F -pin, and BNC, and change them out easily and neatly if necessary down the road. Clever!

Lowell - VARI -RACK - Variable depth 'thin frame' Rack
The new Vari -Racks from Lowell are thin frame LVR Series which measures 19.214"W for mounting 19"W rack mount equipment. There are two base depths (14"and 20") with front -to -rear expansion. The 14"D model expands from 14" to 20"D; and the 20"D models expands from 20" to 28"D. When expanded, the exposed area in top and bottom supports 19"EIA panels/equipment.


As of January 1, 2009 Sanus is a new product line in the BMB portfolio.
The exploding popularity of flat -panel TVs demands mounting solutions that provide stability, versatility and innovation, and the Sanus products provide just that - at 'real world' prices. Whether mounting a flat -panel TV, a traditional CRT TV or a video projector, there's a quality Sanus product with the perfect set of features and functionality to fill the need.

About BMB Electronics
Established in 1987, BMB Electronics B.V. is located in Veen, The Netherlands and is one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting Control solutions. The company holds extensive stock to supply the European and Middle Eastern markets and hosts regular dealer / installer training sessions at its own custom designed offices and warehouses in The Netherlands, the UK and Sweden. For more information please visit

Featured Product

Video Mount Products IWB-1B In-Wall Box

Video Mount Products IWB-1B In-Wall Box

As flat panels themselves become increasingly slimmer, customers are looking for even more ways to get these mounted TVs and monitors as flush with the wall as possible. The Video Mount Products IWB-1B is an in wall box that allows up to a 32-inch flat panel to fully collapse into a wall. It installs easily between two 16-inch on center wooden studs, has integrated cable and electrical knockouts, and a high load capacity. The IWB-1B works with the LCD-1B and LCD-2537B mounts. The IWB-1 is yet another option for discerning installers and customers who demand both aesthetic appeal as well as the famed VMP reliability. Whether in the office, commercial install, home, or any other application where a low-profile wall mounted flat panel option is desired, the VMP IWB-1B is the answer.