DS3 & DS4 Compression Connectors Maximize High Speed Connection Performance

ICM Corp's DS3 & DS4 compression connectors maximize the performance of Digital Signal Level 3 & Level 4 cable. Use in conjunction with ICM Corp.'s patented DB system for the most reliable broadband connections possible.


Tim Root, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
ICM Corporation
ISEurope 1M33
Phone: +1 -303 -288 -8107 or sales@icmcorp.net

DENVER (January 28, 2009): ICM Corp. announces DS3 and DS4 compression connectors for ICM Corp.'s popular F -Conn Double Bubble™ (DB) Compression Connection System. ICM Corp.'s DS3 and DS4 connectors were developed specifically to maximize the performance of Digital Signal Level 3 and Level 4 cable and to ensure that always -on, high speed connections enjoy crystal -clear signal transmission.

"Professional installers need secure, dependable connections to achieve peak performance from DS3 and DS4 cables," said Tim Root, ICM Corp. vice president of Sales and Marketing. "ICM Corp.'s DS3 and DS4 compression connectors, used in conjunction with our patented DB system, create the most reliable broadband connections possible."

DS3 and DS4 compression connectors fit Belden and Commscope 735A/73501 and 734D1/734S1 cable. They feature ICM Corp.'s patented floating pin and non -blind entry design, which allows installers to see the wire as it is set in the pin, eliminating guesswork and costly errors.

ICM Corp.'s DB system is a complete, integrated compression connector and tool system that provides a streamlined solution to complicated, time -consuming custom installations.

The DB system creates two 360 -degree compression connections (one on the interior of the cable and one on the exterior) for an extraordinarily solid connection that delivers uninterrupted high quality signals. The unique DB connector provides superior protection from moisture migration and ingress/egress, making it ideal for all wiring installations where superior performance is a must.

Additionally, because the DB is a complete self -contained system, there are no loose parts or extraneous pieces to keep track of. The DB starter kit comes complete with all the F -Conn connectors and Cable Pro tools needed to begin making superior connections.

ICM Corp.'s integrated line of 360 -degree compression tools and connectors are recognized worldwide for their superior performance and ability to streamline installations. All ICM Corp. connectors are manufactured using a proprietary process and the highest quality materials to eliminate the threat of cracking or snapping during compression. ICM Corp. is the parent company of Cable Pro and F -Conn Industries, recognized leaders in TRUE 360 -degree compression tools and connectors.

Detailed product information is available at www.icmcorp.net or see product demonstrations at ICM Corp. booth 1M33 at ISEurope. Contact Tim Root at +1 -303 -288 -8107 or sales@icmcorp.net.

ICM Corp. is a privately owned manufacturing company, serving the broadcast, cable, home entertainment, security, and commercial industries. Incorporated in 1985, the company is recognized worldwide for its innovative products, including 360 -degree compression connectors, tools and accessories. ICM Corp. holds multiple patents and exclusively licensed technologies. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, ICM Corp. products are available through a highly qualified distribution network. ICM Corp. divisions include Cable Pro, CableReady, F -Conn Industries and PowerTronics.

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