Unique Automation brings more innovation to the bathroom

Unique Automation, the London-based high-tech bathroom electronics company, will be demonstrating its expertise in bringing automation to the bathroom in a host of different ways. Innovations include bath management, television and lighting.

The company's unique bathomatic™ bath management system is a technological breakthrough in this field. A modular kit which can be fitted to any bath, bathomatic™ automatically controls the pre -programmed filling, water temperature, water depth and emptying of the bath water. It will also maintain temperature and automatically add bubble bath or fragrance, as required, on site or remotely. The system has now been developed to suit a range of applications both domestic and commercial, including hotels and care homes.

A state -of -the -art digital waterproof TV with heated screen, touch controls and home automation interfaces, bathovision™ bathroom mirror television stands out from crowd. The latest bathovision™ models can be controlled by a home automation system or by a PC, enabling users to control the television remotely from outside the bathroom. All bathovision™ televisions have, as standard, an RS232C connection to accept signals to control and operate the bathroom television remotely.

A further new feature is touch -screen control which provides the user with two choices for controlling the television - the standard hand -held remote controller or by simply touching the TV's mirror surface. The advanced, user -friendly technology allows the mirror TV to be switched on and off, to select the input signal required (video etc), to select a channel, and to control volume, all at the touch of a finger.

Bathovision™ looks like a high quality bevelled mirror when switched off and is transformed into a television only when switched on. The TV is designed to be set into a wall recess and the screen has no surrounding framework, mounting brackets or retaining clips in any of its range of sizes from 23" to 46".
After extensive trials, Unique Automation has announced that it is recommending Amina® Plaster -in -Wall loudspeakers for use with bathovision™. The ability to control bathovision via a home automation system plus the audio quality and concealed nature of the loudspeakers is an attractive package.

Managing Director of Unique Automation, Fredy Vasilev, comments: "Where high quality audio is required from a bathovision™ television installed in a bathroom, pool room or kitchen, the totally concealed Plaster -In Wall loudspeakers are the best audio product we have found. We are delighted to include them in our bathovision™ offering."

The automated bathroom lighting system is based on the Rako range of dimmers interfaced by a bathomatic™ RAKO module. The lighting system is controlled by Unique Automation's hand held TV controller via the bathovision™ screen menu and is wireless. The TV controller can also be used to manage the bathomatic bath management system, and bathovision™ digital waterproof television.

In an exciting development, Unique Automation will be launching an iPhone application that will allow the control of their bathomatic™ and bathovision™ products. The application is available via the Apple applications store. UA encourages you to go to the store, load the free application and then come to our stand and give it a go.

All product protocols are published on the Unique Automation web site for use by automation and AV integrators and installers. For further information visit www.bath -o -matic.com www.bathovsion.tv or telephone 020 7740 3910.

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