hd EZ lock(TM) now available for shipping

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. is happy to announce that hd EZ lock(TM), the only Universal HDMI Locking Adaptor is now available for shipping.

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. is happy to announce that hd EZ lock(TM), the only Universal HDMI Locking Adaptor is now available for shipping.

Published: 01/14/09 6:03 PM PST
LAKEWOOD, Wash., Jan. 14 - - Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. announced today that hd EZ lock™, the only Universal HDMI Locking Adaptor has begun shipping on January 12, 2009. The patent pending hd EZ lock™, winner of the prestigious CES 2009 Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Award, is the first and only adaptor of its kind designed to lock you existing HDMI Cable into its input. hd EZ lock™ also significantly reduces harmful stress from your HDMI Input buy supporting your HDMI Cable from the component's chassis rather than from the input itself, and maintains the best electrical connection possible.

hd EZ lock™ is a solution to a problem that has been around since the inception of HDMI, and that is the issues with the HDMI Connection. hd EZ lock™ eliminates the possibility of losing your sound or picture because of a loose cable. This can eliminate costly, and inconvenient service calls, or the frustration of having to reconnect your system because you pulled one of your components out and along with it, all of your HDMI Cables came out. Along with that, many HDMI Inputs have been damaged from excessive stress on the HDMI Input, or from repeatedly plugging and unplugging the HDMI Cable. hd EZ lock™ significantly reduces, or eliminates this issue by using your component's chassis to support the HDMI Cable, instead of using the HDMI Input itself.

"hd EZ lock™ has had a great initial response because there continues to be problems with loose HDMI Connections, or with damaged HDMI Inputs, particularly on Cable Set Top boxes. hd EZ lock™ typically installs in a couple of minutes, and its real value can be seen once it's connected. The HDMI Cable is held very securely into its input, in the proper position, with very little movement or stress on the HDMI Input," said Tony Eppright, Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.'s President. "If you've invested time and money in your Home Theater System, hd EZ lock™ can save you the frustration of dealing with these issues, as well as the potential expense of repairing your product."

hd EZ lock™ is designed to work with most HDMI Cables on the market, and with most HDMI Components by using either the fixing screw above or below the HDMI Input, or with the supplied 3m Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive.
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Blue Echo Solutions is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Manufacturers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics experience through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world -class Customer Service.

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. is based in Lakewood, Washington and was founded in 2008.
For more information, or to order hd EZ lock(TM), visit Blue Echo Solution, Inc.'s website at http://www.blueechosolutions.com/ or http://www.hdezlock.com/

hd EZ lock(TM) will also be available for the Japanese market through http://www.behappy -usa.com/

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Tony Eppright
Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.
Phone/Fax 800 -723 -2304
www.blueechosolutions.com/contact -us.php

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