Denon Unveils Its New Flagship HD Entertainment System Featuring World's First 'Universal' Blu -ray, Super Audio CD, DVD -Audio Player At CES 2009

World's First Blu-ray Player to Feature both DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD Playback with Native Digital Audio Output via HDMI/DENON LINK or PCM Conversion with Full Bass Management

Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2009 - Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high -quality home entertainment components, will demonstrate its new flagship home entertainment system at CES 2009, featuring the world's first Universal Blu -ray Audio/Video player, Model DVD -A1UDCI (SRP: TBD) with both DVD Audio and Super Audio CD playback. The DVD -A1UDCI 'Universal' BD Player along with the Denon AVP -A1HDCI A/V Preamplifier (SRP: $7,500) and the POA -A1HDCI 10 -channel Power Amplifier (SRP: $7,500) will be showcased live at the Denon Suite #2991 in the Las Vegas Hilton. With the combination of the proprietary DENON LINK 4th and HDMI transmission technology, digital signals from optical discs can now be transmitted virtually "jitter -free" to produce the purest high -quality images and sound possible, including the world's first fully -balanced 2 -channel transmission in a Blu -ray player for analog signals. The Denon DVD -A1UDCI will be available in February 2009. The Denon AVP -A1HDCI and POA -A1HDCI are currently available.

New Flagship Denon System Marks a Significant Audio Firstů
Among other breakthroughs, the introduction of the DVD -A1UDCI marks the world's first fully balanced transmission of 2 -channel analog sound in a universal Blu -ray player. When combined in the flagship system with Denon's AVP -A1HDCI A/V Preamplifier and POA -A1HDCI 10 -channel Power Amplifier, fully balanced transmission is made possible from the D/A converter of the player to amplification of the power amp. The resulting fully balanced circuits are extremely resistant to noise, as the plus and minus sides of the music signal are transmitted separately. Noise theoretically flowing to the ground can be ignored. If external noise occurs and disturbs the mutual waveform, the disturbance is canceled out at the end of the transmission when the plus and minus sides are combined, enabling the original music signal to be output virtually free of noise. In this way, the flagship system provides for the ultimate reproduction of audio quality.
DVD -A1UDCI: Unparalleled Picture and Sound Quality
To create the breakthrough DVD -A1UDCI, Denon re -engineered its original Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism to produce unparalleled picture and sound quality. The result is a revolutionary new type of leading -edge "total entertainment" source component that delivers unprecedented video and audio perfection, as well as breakthrough network interconnectivity and advanced gaming capabilities. In addition to its ultimate quality video, the DVD -A1UDCI is the world's first Blu -ray player to feature both DVD -Audio and Super Audio CD playback with native digital audio output via the HDMI/DENON LINK or PCM conversion with full bass management. Denon's first Profile 2.0 Ready (BD Live) Blu -ray DVD player, the DVD -A1UDCI incorporates innovative interactivity features that make it quite literally the most advanced and "future -ready" source component. Shortly after the product ships to the marketplace, BD Live activation firmware will be made available via the Ethernet connection that will provide DVD -A1UDCI owners with a host of leading edge 21st century networking facilities.

Highest Possible Resolution Video and Audio, Total Home Theater Flexibility
The DVD -A1UDCI offers home entertainment enthusiasts unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility and convenience. It features the acclaimed 10 -bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset for the highest resolution high -definition video available today via HDMI connection, with upconversion and IP scaling to 1080p. Thanks to its dual HD video output scalers, the DVD -A1UDCI allows images to be output in HD resolution quality via both the HDMI output and component output ports. And in yet another world's first for a universal Blu -ray player, the DVD -A1UDCI includes a Vertical Stretch feature that enhances 16:9 HD displays when playing back titles with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Vertical Stretch eliminates the black bars at the top and bottom of the image without adding distortion, or artifacts, for HD displays, but it's most beneficial for those users of Cinema Scope screens and projectors with anamorphoric lenses, as the processing is done in the digital domain.

For the ultimate in audio performance, the DVD -A1UDCI features all -new Advanced AL32 Processing, allowing digital upsampling of 16 - and 24 -bit digital signals to 32 -bits. The player offers full on -board HD Audio decoding from Denon's DDSC -HD branded circuitry, as well as allowing for Bit Stream Bypass to HDMI for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS -HD High Resolution and DTS -HD Master Audio digital transmission to an AVR/AVP for decoding.
DENON LINK 4th Edition Further Enhances Audio and Video Performance
In yet another major advancement, the DVD -A1UDCI features the new DENON LINK 4th Edition digital interface, which significantly enhances both video and audio quality. DENON LINK 4th fully supports all digital audio transmission specifications, including SACD as well as CD and DVD -Audio. The 4th Edition of DENON LINK adds the exclusive Denon Flow Control feature; when using the HDMI interface for A/V output, Denon Flow Control takes over the Master Clock and Jitter control - a feature that will be especially useful when used with upcoming Denon A/V receivers. DENON LINK is a proprietary, high -quality digital audio transmission technology that utilizes a real -time balanced transmission system to protect the signal from external noise. With the new advanced DENON LINK 4th used in an HDMI connection, as well as for HD audio read from Blu -ray discs, the master clock that operates the D/A converter of the A/V surround amplifier is transmitted to the player, enabling the circuitry to be operated while sharing the same clock, thereby achieving digital audio transmission with virtually no jitter. Sound localization becomes more precise, and a greater sense of space is produced in the sound images. When combined with a Denon A/V surround sound receiver that supports DENON LINK 4th, users will now be able to enjoy the absolute maximum level of sonic quality possible with HD audio. Denon will make available a DENON LINK 4 upgrade for customers of the AVP -A1HDCI and AVR -5308CI; details to be announced shortly after the launch of the DVD -A1HDCI.

Solid, Virtually Vibration -Less Construction
The DVD -A1UDCI's solid direct mechanical ground construction is engineered to virtually eliminate vibration. The unit's structure was designd with a low center of gravity for maximum vibration resistance and quiet operaton. It features a heavy -duty dual -layer steel top cover, heavy -duty clamper cover, Zinc diecast mechanism case, as well as newly -developed floating dampers and a thin aluminium diecast tray. The unit's power transformer, itself a source of vibration, is placed near the ground and immediately above the insulators to allow direct release to the ground and dramatically reduce the propagation of unwanted vibration or noise. Furthermore, the unit's hybrid construction (using heterogenous materials) with dual -layer top cover and triple -layer bottom cover suppresses vibration and resonance, and specially built B.M.C. side panels in high -specific -gravity and high -density hybrid construction suppress vibration and resonance. Solid cast -iron insulators provide absorption of vibrations and release it to the ground. The unit rests firmly on four sturdy cast iron feet, with a rock solid bottom and internal "block" type structure. Gold -plated brass 7.1 -channel analog outputs ensure reliability and long -lasting quality connections.

Onboard Ethernet Port for Advanced Internet Connectivity and More
For the highest level of connectivity to both a host of exciting current -day as well as future entertainment enhancements, the DVD -A1UDCI features an onboard Ethernet port that allows for Internet connectivity, firmware updates, BD Live interactivity and IP control. Dual, assignable, HDMI outputs are provided with the option of full audio and video output to 2 systems, or dedicate one HDMI for audio, the other for video - this option promotes a high level of jitter reduction for both signal paths. An SD card slot on the front panel allows for expanded memory for BD Live and Bonus View movie titles, as well as playback options for photos and music files. As with all Denon CI products, third -party control systems can also be managed via the RS -232C port.

The DVD -A1UDCI Universal Audio/Video Player joins Denon's lineup of Bonus View Profile Blu -ray components, the DVD -1800BD Blu -ray Disc Player (SRP: $599), DVD -3800BDCI Blu -ray Disc Player ($1,999) and the DVD -2500BTCI (SRP: $899) Blu -ray Disc Transport, bringing custom installers and discriminating consumers a more affordable option for enjoying high -definition video and audio performance.

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