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HaiVision 2009 Integrated Systems Europe Show Preview

2009 Integrated Systems Europe Show Preview HaiVision Booth 4Q51

2009 Integrated Systems Europe Show Preview

Booth 4Q51

HaiVision Contact:
Peter Maag
Vice President Marketing & Business Development
HaiVision Systems Inc.
4445 Garand
Montréal, QC, Canada H4R 2H9
Tel: 1 -514 -334 -5445
Fax: 1 -514 -334 -0088
Toll Free: 1 -877 -224 -5445

Agency Contact:
Netra Ghosh
Wall Street Communications
Tel: 1 -801 -266 -0077
E -mail:

Company Overview:

HaiVision Systems Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of performance H.264 video encoding solutions for HD and SD. HaiVision supplies top telepresence companies, broadcasters, medical companies, and audio -visual systems integrators with interactive video and performance streaming products. HaiVision has achieved majority market share in the telepresence sector and has products with almost 10 years of continuous service in large telecom -style deployments. HaiVision focuses on multi -stream product solutions that deliver the highest picture quality while operating with the lowest end -to -end latency. HaiVision's products are fully embedded systems that achieve telecom -grade reliability.

HaiVision at 2009 Integrated Systems Europe Show:

MAKO -HD H.264 Codec
At the 2009 Integrated Systems Europe Show, HaiVision will be highlighting the MAKO -HD H.264 codec, which delivers an unparalleled 70 milliseconds of latency from end to end and supports HD up to 1080p. The MAKO -HD also supports computer output encoding to H.264 at up to 1280x768 resolution and 60 frames per second, ideal for command and control applications. With advanced features such as WXGA encoding, multiple stream output, HiLo streaming, Adobe Flash® compatibility, and traffic shaping, the MAKO -HD is ideal for any network video challenge over LAN, WAN, or satellite. The MAKO -HD is supported within HaiVision's hai1000™ multi -stream codec system, the world's premier codec for telepresence applications.

hai1000™ Telepresence Codec
HaiVision's hai1000™ telepresence codec delivers connected HD communications using HaiVision's powerful H.264 extreme low -latency compression technology. By using performance networks and the lowest latency 1080p multi -stream codecs available, users can experience telepresence in a compelling way - unlike what is offered by other technologies such as satellite or best -effort devices.

With the compatibilities of high -performance H.264 video compression, users also can simultaneously address real -time collaboration, video distribution to set -top boxes, Internet streaming through Flash® servers, and video podcasts.

Integration With Video Furnace™ IPTV System
The Video Furnace™ system is the industry's leading enterprise -class IP video distribution system. Designed to be the most reliable and secure system for the enterprise, the Video Furnace system now supports HaiVision's H.264 products and, with the MAKO -HD encoder, controls and distributes live HD media.

The Video Furnace IP video control and distribution systems and set -top boxes support HaiVision's HD H.264 MAKO -HD encoding technology at full -HD resolutions. The MAKO -HD supports guaranteed frame -rate performance of top -quality H.264 encoding at up to 1080p resolution and at the lowest latency available. Additional integration will be available in the near future, including the ability to store and manage HD video libraries and to deliver video via Video Furnace's patent -pending inStream Viewer, which does not require any resident player software or browser plug -ins and runs on all modern desktop operating systems including Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, and Sun™ Solaris™.

The current combined HaiVision and Video Furnace solution is ideal for live HD content scheduling, management, and distribution for HD signage and video -over -IP applications. It also provides fully centralized management and control of HD content presentation and availability.


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