THE EVO SYSTEM GETS ROCKED - Vantage Point Gives Creative Freedom to One of Their Own - and They Express Themselves

A Canvas, Not a mount. Vantage Point creatively illustrates the evo systems unique blend of modularity and flexibility for seamlessly mounting flat panel televisions and electronic peripherals in to one complete home theater picture.

The words every designer wants to hear: "Go for it!" CES, Las Vegas, Nevada January 8, 2009, Vantage Point, a 20 year veteran of A/V mounting solutions, shows off the creative concept of their lead Art Director, Matt DeSio; a Rock Band inspired evo entertainment system. Motivated by the Rock Band style, the concept was paired with a Sailor Jerry tattoo art motif, and the look was appropriately branded with the classic Rock 'n' Roll quote: "I hope I die before I get old." - The Who. The evo system™ is a complete mounting solution for flat screens and their extending electronics, but as DeSio has illustrated it can be more. The inspired system is a fun and expressive way to demonstrate the depth of customization opportunities the evo system™ holds.

DeSio's inspiration comes from his enthusiast lifestyle. He is constantly in touch with the latest iPhone apps, Gizmodo and gadget blogs, and of course gaming gear. When presented the opportunity to do something "interesting" with the evo system™ he determined his direction quickly. Having just finished a custom paint job on his Les Paul guitar controller, he took the idea to a new level. "I had two main considerations… showing off my gear and storage was huge for me," DeSio explains. The rocked evo system does both; displays gear flawlessly and stores it effectively; a common issue with gaming gear and other electronic peripherals.

The evo system™ is a modular mounting solution designed with a primary purpose to integrate all aspects of an audio/video installation with a clean finished look while freeing up valuable floor space and still adding to the rooms unique décor. The frame is hung on independently mounted rails and extends 4" from the wall, creating a hollow space for power and wiring distribution. Removable panels hook into the frame allowing for easy access. Vantage Point also offers a variety of standard coordinating mount and shelf accessories as well as frame and panel color combinations. The canvas of the evo system™ is the unmistakable key element to pulling together such an integrated and complete picture, whether Rock Band inspired or Home Theater driven.

Vantage Point is a recognized leader in consumer electronics mounting solutions; Vantage Point has been manufacturing innovative mounts and furniture for nearly 20 years with a keen emphasis on design and style. For more information please visit
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