SKINNY IS IN - Vantage Point Adds To Their Line Up With Ultra Thin Flat Panel Mount And Extending Mounts

Vantage Point presents the newest additions to their mount line. The Ultra Thin Mount protrudes only a DVD case away from the wall, while the trio of Extend Mounts provide versatile solutions for mounting flat panel TVs at perfect viewing angels.

CES, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2009, Vantage Point, a 20 year veteran of A/V mounting solutions, flaunts their new mounts - their most fashionable being the Ultra Thin Flat Panel Mount that stands a mere ½" off the wall. Also new with Vantage Point, are 3 tiers of Extending Mounts; a very desired feature for many who want to pull out, pivot, and contort their screens for perfect viewing, then suck them back into the wall when finished. Customary for Vantage Point, the mounts are well engineered with particular care towards aesthetics.

A DVD case away from the wall; The Ultra Thin Flat Panel Mount is designed for simplicity and visual appeal. Ideal for 37 - 55" flat panel televisions up to 125 lbs., this mount also maintains the flexibility standards we have come to expect from Vantage Point. The mount hooks in place and is secured with metal safety tabs so it doesn't bump off. With this mount, a television may be positioned laterally for a centered appearance while the mounting bracket itself is centered on studs. The design allows adjustments to be made easily. Skinny is in and so is simple.

The new Extending Mounts come in 3 sizes: 18", 22", and 26" extensions, ideal for supporting televisions 32 - 42" up to 100 lbs, 37 - 52" up to 150 lbs, and 42 - 70" up to 200 lbs respectively; and these mounts have their skinny too. For all their features they each retract down to only 3.6" off the wall. In addition to the standard features you expect from this type of mount - ability to tilt, full range of lateral motion, and picture frame ease leveling - the two larger mounts take advantage of their double stud mounting plate by adding a wall cover that also serves as a wire storage solution. The largest of the 3 mounts also delivers 2 sets of monitor brackets to fit a wider range of television sizes without any visible overhang.

Vantage Point is a recognized leader in consumer electronics mounting solutions; Vantage Point has been manufacturing innovative mounts and furniture for nearly 20 years with a keen emphasis on design and style. For more information please visit
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