PSB Showcases New Flagship Subwoofer

Exhibits Smaller, Less Costly, Better-Performing 12-Inch Model

CES '09, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2009 - PSB Speakers enjoys a global reputation

for excellence in loudspeakers, with a particular emphasis on what might be
termed affordable high -performance or "value high -end." And that reputation
should only be enhanced by the Canadian maker's latest "flagship" powered
subwoofer, the PSB SubSeries 500, exhibited at the 2009 International Consumer
Electronics Show.

Following in the footsteps of the launch of PSB Synchrony, the SubSeries 500 has
been designed to blend both acoustically and aesthetically. Conceived for the
most demanding music and home -theater systems and installations, the newest
PSB is a 12 -inch design that while both more compact and more affordable than
its PSB predecessors (and other -brand competitors), delivers gains in both lowbass
extension and dynamic clarity.

The front -firing, dual -ported down -firing SubSeries 500 is cabinetry -friendly and
ready for flexible placement in a wide range of the highest -performing systems.
Its extensively computer -modeled magnet structure and massive 12 -inch driver
structure, which includes a uniquely over -sized surround, achieve truly extreme
excursions with no sacrifice in sensitivity, thanks to a massive (5 -pound) magnet,
and advances in suspension and adhesive materials. Additional driver highlights
include a superbly strong and remarkably self -damping woven -fiberglass cone,
enormous (50mm) high -current/low -mass voice -coil, and rigid cast -aluminum
basket. The result: impressive output potential to the very deepest frequencies
(an earth -shattering 113 dB SPL at 32 Hz!), leading the SubSeries 500 to invite
comparison to much larger, less room -friendly (and more costly) subwoofers,
including many dual -12 -inch designs.

Since the mechanical integrity of a subwoofer cabinet is, if anything, more
important than that of full -range designs, the SubSeries 500's enclosure happily
borrows construction methodology from the universally praised PSB Synchrony
industrial design. Double -weight, heavily laminated MDF panels are joined by
extruded -aluminum corners that mechanically lock the cabinet into a single,
extremely strong structural whole that is nearly indestructible and all but
perfectly impervious to extraneous vibration. (In fact, the SubSeries 500 cabinet is
so "non -lossy" that PSB was moved to develop visco -elastic feet that prevent the
sub from "walking" over smooth, hard -surfaced floors under high -volume, very
low frequency playback.)

To motivate the new woofer PSB has refined its famously proven, superbly
efficient yet singularly dynamic 500 -watt hybrid -Class H dedicated sub amplifier
in a new version for the SubSeries 500. This amplifier's "smart" circuitry is
extensively calibrated to the SubSeries 500's electro -acoustic characteristics,
permitting full, powerful output -ultimate peak levels of 1.5 kilowatts are
possible -to the very lowest frequencies, while ensuring that audible overdrive
cannot occur. The amplifier incorporates continuously variable 0 to 360 phase
compensation, as well as continuous level and crossover controls. Both filtered
and crossover -bypass (LFE) line -level inputs and pass -thru outputs are on board,
as are speaker -level inputs via heavy, audiophile -grade multiway binding posts.
The addition of a 12 -volt trigger input permits the newest PSB sub to integrate
with system controllers, from the simplest universal remotes to the most
elaborate touchscreen offerings.

The SubSeries 500 is crafted to PSB's rigorous standards in hand -selected and
matched furniture -grade wood veneers, offering the choice of black -ash or darkcherry
finishes. An understated, perforated -metal grille with "invisible -edge"
attachment offsets its elegant look.

The PSB SubSeries 500 is available now at a manufacturer's suggested U.S. price
of $2,149. It can be seen with other outstanding PSB products in Suite 31 -110 at
the Venetian Hotel, during CES.
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