DirectConnect® welcomes TheaterConnect™ to the over 2,200 -product -line family, one of the most advanced up -to -1080P HDMI™ output media servers in the industry today!

Simple to operate, browse, archive, and connect - intelligent home integration.

Houston, TX, January 1, 2008 - DirectConnect® is well on their way to providing assurance to customers, A/V integrators, custom installers and multimedia enthusiasts that the products they purchase meet significant performance standards at great value, ease of operation, and quality.

Since 1996, DirectConnect® has produced innovative custom installation solutions at a value and quality that meets the custom industry's multiple needs. Product Specialist Michael F. Jorewicz was instrumental in specifying and monitoring quality control in the manufacturing process and features of DirectConnect's HDMI™ media server - TheaterConnect™ "Connected for Life™", manufactured by Home Entertainment, Inc., a Woodlands, Texas -based company and one of the few CableCard™ Microsoft® Gold Partners.

DirectConnect®, one of the forerunners in instituting technological advances into their equipment, is announcing its next stage of service to its customers. With TheaterConnect™, DirectConnect®, based in Houston, Texas, is able to provide its clients with total intelligent home media and electronic control. The newest offering will allow integrators and custom installers to upgrade their customers' homes to the new standard - total intelligent control.

DirectConnect®'s TheaterConnect™ Intelligent Media Center includes the Microsoft® 2008 Media Center TV Pack, which also operates through a customer's PC, based on Microsoft® software. This software offers integration with Clear QAM tuners, which allow free reception of cable unscrambled digital programming. TheaterConnect™ and PC users can use this instead of using CableCard™ or digital cable receivers. TV Pack coordinates QAM content with CableCard™ (up to four) content efficiently; if one component is being used, and you need to access or record something, TV Pack searches for available sources - doing the work for you. Favorites lists, streaming protected CableCard™ content to multiple sources, sharing unprotected content among TheaterConnect™ and PCs, and enhanced options for creating Surround Sound rooms - these are some of the newer capabilities available with TheaterConnect™ and the new TV Pack. According to Michael Jorewicz, "Media centers are the future of intelligent home electronics. And TheaterConnect™ will prove to be the easiest, most dependable provider in the industry."

TheaterConnect™ "Connected for Life" helps create the intelligent home integration with friendly and efficient interfaces allowing the users to store, sort, browse, and instantly control and access their entire media collections, such as their CableCard™. Intelligent connectivity media servers are the ultimate solution for home electronic coordination and consolidation. TheaterConnect™ is the best method available in media server performance and implementation. TheaterConnect™ out -performs the competition with:
• Providing superior access to stored and new media from multiple locations
• Cutting -edge hardware, installation and training methods
• Unmatched performance, stability and reliability
• Dealers specifically trained in installation
• Constantly evaluating the latest innovations
TheaterConnect™ processing strength starts with an AMD Phenom X4.2 Quad Core 65w Processor/Radeon HD 3200 with 128MB of Sideport memory and Microsoft® T82 Vista Ultimate with both TV Pack 2008 and Digital Cable support coupled with 4GB of RAM and a 1 -TB high -speed drive. For A/V enthusiasts, TheaterConnect™ can serve as the heart of your home theater by offering Blu -ray®, 7.1 pre -amp and up -to -1080P HDMI™ output. Those who want to archive family pictures and footage, as well as extensive audio and video libraries, are truly "Connected for Life," as they can be viewed and archived simultaneously. For ease of control, with TheaterConnect™ you are a click away with a choice of the included Vista -Compliant Wireless Remote or the included control by Logitech®, "the DiNovo Mini™ Bluetooth. "

Visit DirectConnect® today to see the newest and most exciting opportunities available in the home electronics industry.

About DirectConnect®
Since 1996, DirectConnect® has been a leading manufacturer of products and solutions designed specifically for the custom integration industry, especially as it relates to the installation of sophisticated audio, video, security, telecom, and data networking systems. Based in Houston, DirectConnect® also offers a wide range of products such as bulk wire and cable, connectors, installation hardware, interconnect cables, baluns, mounts, a/v transceivers, cameras, punch blocks, and tools, allowing installers to find the perfect solution to whatever installation challenge they may encounter on the job site.
Information about DirectConnect® is available at or by calling 800 -531 -3224. Any inquiries regarding DirectConnect® 1080P HDMI Cables can be directed to Michael F. Jorewicz, Product & Marketing Manager/Specialist at DirectConnect®, at 800 -531 -3224 / 281 -660 -3925 /

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