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2009 Creative Storage Conference Announces Call for Presentations, Sponsors and Exhibitors

Major Players in Entertainment and Storage Will Participate

The Third Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS09) will be held in conjunction with the 2009 NAB Show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on April 19, 2009. This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers and end users.

The conference focuses on the use of digital storage for the creation and distribution of entertainment. It also provides a unique environment to network with a diverse and important group of corporate officers, analysts, and professionals that will be shaping the future of entertainment content creation and distribution.

Presentations are now being solicited for the 2009 Creative Storage Conference. You can submit speakers/panelists for this premier event at We have a great agenda planned with 5 sessions throughout the day. Here are the CS09 sessions:

Session A1. Storage for Capturing Content
Explore the changing role of storage for content capture in professional applications including cameras and field editing equipment in this informative session. It will also include discussions of digital storage in animation and special effects generation.

Session B1. Storage for Content Editing and Post Production
Find out about the latest uses and products for direct attached, networked storage and advanced storage architectures to support non -linear editing and post production. Lots of exciting developments in this area to reduce costs and improve real -time performance.

Session C1. Content Delivery and Digital Storage
This session explores the evolving requirements of traditional and fast -growing non -traditional content delivery markets. These include video on demand, cable and satellite distribution and various methods of internet and mobile phone distribution, including social networking.

Session D1. Content Archiving and New Models for Physical Distribution
Reliable long term content conversion and archiving that stands the test of time and deals with format obsolescence will create stronger and more robust content libraries. Find out about new physical media distribution models including flash, hard disk drives and higher capacity optical discs as well as new kiosk models for getting content for consumer electronic applications.

Session E1. Entertainment and Media Users Session
Notable end users of digital storage from the entertainment and media industry speak out about their uses, needs and issues with digital storage. You won't want to miss what these professional media and entertainment users have to say.

There will also be two keynote talks during the conference and perhaps a sponsored reception in the evening.

Sponsorships and exhibits are available for the 2009 Creative Storage Conference. Several levels of conference, web site and event sponsorship are available as well as a full exhibit hall. Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available at There is also information there on how to reserve your sponsorship or exhibit.

For additional information on the conference call 408 -871 -8808 or email

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