Compacta International, Ltd., makers of the SimpleHomeNet line of home automation products, and Pennda Technologies announce strategic partnership.

Compacta International, Ltd., makers of the SimpleHomeNet line of home automation products, and Pennda Technologies, creators of a multi-functional residential gateway, announced today a broad strategic partnership.

Under the terms of their agreement, Compacta acquires exclusive rights for distribution and support of the Pennda Residential Gateway in the Americas in the Home Automation/Security and Energy Management markets. The Pennda Gateway is a leading product in the emerging field of all -encompassing network appliances. With its brilliant 7" display and rich system features, the Pennda device is sure to become "The 3rd Screen@Home" given its capabilities as a router, information client, personal web server, Skype and PBX telephone appliance, photo frame, NAS, and Web media player. The impressive new appliance will be available for sale in the U.S. in March 2009, ready to run home automation and energy management applications with the upcoming EZSrve 2.0 and SrvrBee HAN servers from SimpleHomeNet.

"The exciting new Pennda unit coupled with our sensational Flash -based home automation / energy management software is sure to deliver consumer friendliness never seen before in these fields," commented Al Choperena, Compacta president and CEO.

Gengsheng Zhou, president and CEO of Pennda added, "The myriad features of our gateway present such powerful and flexible combination of capabilities that dedicated applications and strategies make a lot of sense. We are very pleased with our choice of Compacta/SimpleHomeNet to exploit the many opportunities for this type of product in such new and fast -growing segments."

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