Innovative Technology Extends Coverage Area for Wireless Networks

Melville, N.Y., December 22, 2008 - ADI announced today an agreement to offer Luxul Wireless solutions including the Pro -WAV100 and Range Extender Kits at branches across the country. These high -performance WiFi products allow dealers to extend wireless network coverage to an entire home or office.

Luxul's products are ideal for wireless home automation environments, and have been engineered and packaged for ease -of -implementation and integration. Dealers can easily extend a WiFi network using a single wireless access point (WAP) in installations where multiple WAPs have previously been required.

The Pro -WAV100 is designed to work with off -the -shelf wireless routers and wireless access points to extend wireless network coverage by 400% or more, while maintaining maximum data rates. Luxul Wireless solutions utilize an advanced circular polarity signal technology called Clear -WAVTM that delivers increased signal penetration, range and clarity.

"ADI is one of the premier distributors of technology products to the home automation marketplace," said Tyler Crawford, president and CEO of Luxul Wireless." Their history for providing high -quality solutions matches our legacy of delivering high -performance products, and we look forward to growing our dealer base through their strong distribution channels."

ADI will offer the Pro -WAVTM 100 Ceiling Mounted WiFi System and the Pro -WAV Range Extender Kits. The Pro -WAV Systems and Extender Kits are fully integrated standard 802.11 wireless solutions designed specifically for home, office or industrial use.

"It is critical to the success of a wireless home automation system to implement a reliable and robust network with excellent coverage," said Ed Constantine, senior product manager for wire, structured cable and home solutions at ADI. "We are pleased and excited to deliver the Luxul Wireless Pro -WAV Systems and Extender Kits to our dealers."

About Luxul Wireless
Luxul Wireless is the leader in engineering superior wireless signal propagation technologies to address the challenges faced by traditional wireless networking methodologies. Luxul's Clear -WAV™ solutions deliver the world's most reliable and powerful signals for use in home, office, and industrial networking applications. Clear -WAV technologies are ideal for both mobile and fixed Non -Line -of -Site (NLOS) wireless applications and are key elements to successful WIFI, WIMAX, RFID, wireless Broadband, Mesh, and other wireless networking implementations. Luxul Clear -WAV product offerings include:

• X -WAV™ Antennas
• Shock -WAV™ WiFi Signal Boosters
• Pro -WAV™ Systems and Kits

Luxul's Clear -WAV signal technology can be found in successful wireless network installations worldwide and is a key component in some of the most robust, stable and efficient wireless networks in the world.

About ADI
ADI is a leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products, with over 200 branch locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, and India. ADI solutions include intrusion, fire, CCTV, IP networking, access, A/V, tools and hardware, home solutions, and wire and cable. For more information about ADI, visit

Adrienne Zimoulis (ADI)
(631) 692 -1557

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