Dynamism.com and Newly Launched Gizmine.com Founder to Unveil New Next -Generation Gadgets From Robots to Mini Cameras at CES 2009

CEO of Dynamism.com and newly launched Gizmine.com Douglas Krone will be at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show unveiling the latest and greatest technology products including never before seen cool and quirky gadgets from Gizmine.com.

Chicago, IL - CEO of Dynamism.com and newly launched Gizmine.com Douglas Krone will be at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show unveiling the latest and greatest technology products including never before seen cool and quirky gadgets from Gizmine.com. Douglas is available for meetings January 8 -11 and will be showing Gizmine's spectacular sampling of next -generation gadgetry from mini cameras to robot pets to a portable turntable. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time to see these products or would like additional information. We will have a hotel suite at the MGM Grand for meetings/product demos and a car for your transportation.

Animal 110 Film Mini Cameras (Cat/Ladybug) - $19.99
Featuring an adorable animal character in one of 10 different colors, these unique film cameras double as a keychain. Uses 110 type film that attaches to the outside of the body to cut down on size but doesn't sacrifice the cute or the fun. Makes an excellent gift for the photographer, amateur or pro in your life. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=animal110

Gundam Slippers (Gold/Silver) - $39.99
There'll be no sneaking around with these Gundam slippers, which crash with the same sound as the big Robot himself. (Requires 4 AA batteries.). The internal measurement of the Gundam Slippers is approximately 26.5cm, or the equivalent to a US Men's size 9, or Women's size 10.5.

Poking Box (Green/Red/Black) - $49.99
The poking box (Tuttuki Bako in Japanese) is a ridiculous and adorable toy that is a must -have for any gadget aficionado. Inserting your finger actually gives you the sensation of touching the on -screen characters, while a digital reproduction of your finger is shown on screen. Tease and harass the digital characters, for some amusement with no harm done! Check out the video below. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=pokbox

Bandai Gun Alarm Clock - $69.99
The concisely named Gun O'clock from Bandai is an alarm clock that can only be turned off with three successful "alarm kill" shots. So you will have to be awake and sober enough that your faculties you to quickly find your weapon and disable the intruding sound. Great for MI6 agents or others who prefer to sleep with a gun under their pillow.

Tomy Rocobo Robot Pet - $24.99
From Takara Tomy, makers of some of the coolest robotic toys to come out of Japan come these cute little robotic pets. It eats, sleeps, begs for attention just like a real pet (though thankfully doesn't leave a mess like one) and even sings a little when you do give a few encouraging pats on the head. Just don't ignore it for too long - You know, robot apocalypse and all. Due to shortage we cannot fill specific color requests. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=robopet

JVC Splash Proof Portable Speaker (Pink) - $69.99
New from JVC comes the SP -AW303 Splash Proof Portable Speaker. Your iPod (or other MP3 player) will look like Luke Skywalker frozen in carbonite, as it stays protected by a sheath. So protected, yet still easy to control. Ingenious!

Dreams DJ Speaker (Red/Black) - $45.99
Get your DJ on with this portable turntable that lets you introduce three types of scratches to your music. Affordable, unique, and lots of fun! Portable and small enough to fit in your pocket, or even on a keychain if you happen to be a building super. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=zum8015

Tomy xaio Digicam and Printer (Black/Magenta) - $449.99
The Xiao, from Takara Tomy Japan, is the Polaroid for the digital age. We all know that modern digital cameras are really the most convenient way to snap and share memories - - and this 5 -megapixel digital camera is capable of functioning as just that: review and share digitally, etc. But just as there is something special about receiving a handwritten note rather than an e -mail... there is something we love about a Polaroid, and now a Xiao. This is a high -tech Japanese gadget that relies on technology from Massachusetts called ZINK. The integrated ink -less printer works using special paper. (For those who are curious, the paper is embedded with cyan/yellow/magenta crystals which are activated by the printer.) But what it means to the user is simple: it just prints, and you never think about ink. Pick the photo you want to share and in less than one minute, voila: 2x3 inch photo is in your hand. Specifications include a 2.5" LCD, SD/SDHC slot (max 32GB), and 16MB internal memory. In addition to black, the Xiao is available in cyan or magenta. Cute. All that we love about the Polaroid, and all that we love about digital cameras: all in one place. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=tomyxaio

Zumreed Dream Color Headphones (Green/Blue/Pink) - $59.99
The Zumreed Dream ZHP -005 Headphones come in five delicious colors, including blue, pink, lime, black and white version. The shiny stainless steel is an awesome offset to the rounded, glossy, earcups. This is a fantastic looking and sounding set of headphones. One of our favorites. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=zhp005

Green House Angel -Devil Earphones (Red/Pink/Black) - $29.99
You know what plagues you. There are two little voices is in your head, and they always have divergent views. Splurge, or save your money? One more drink, or go home? End that lusty relationship that's going nowhere? The angel and devil... not just in your head, but in your ear. Literally. These comic conversation piece earphones make it obvious that are two sides to your personality. We especially like the red/white combo. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=angeldevil

Facebank (Yellow) - $44.99
Silly, crazy, and fun: the Face Bank is a money eating piggy bank robot designed by Japanese designer Takada. Its mouth will start to water when you wave coins in front its motion -sensitive eyes. Then stick the coin in its mouth and it will chomp away. Watching it eat money is somewhat disturbing - -yet impossible to look away. Two coins, one Facebank. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=gizfacebank

Segatoys Dream Chick (Blue/Yellow) - $34.99
From Segatoys Japan, this battery -powered animatronic chicken is perpetually 20 days old. Realistic chirping and adorable wing flapping included. (Too young to fly.) Incredibly cute and available in two colors. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=dreamchick

Zumreed Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker (Orange) - $64.99
Dreams Japan released this raindrop -shaped speaker for iPod and similar MP3 players in 2007. As with many of the speakers, there is a waterproof Interior compartment with a connector for your MP3 player. This device comes in four colors. You can also adjust volume, pause, and play using external buttons. Zumreed has a great array of audio products and this is a fun one. Specifications: operates for 10 hours on four AA batteries, measures 130 x 190 mm (5.1 x 7.5 in.), with an internal compartment measuring 165 x 225 x 165 mm (6.5 x 8.8 in.). Weighs 480g. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=zumreed

Sound Ball Portable Speaker (Green) - $37.99
Although it would certainly make an interesting Christmas tree ornament, that is not the intent. This is probably the most portable speaker of all. It looks like a small, colorful ball that can attach to your key chain, and easily plugs into your MP3 player via stereo jack when you want to share your music or movies with those around you. Because that's how you roll. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=hmgz&productURLCode=sbps

HUBMAN - $29.99
The USB Hubman is a fun way to add 4 additional USB 2.0 ports to your PC. His hands and feet act as the ports, and his face smiles knowingly to remind you - - no matter how much you hate your job, it's not as bad as his. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzuh&productURLCode=Hubman

Conof Desk Light (Green) - $239.99
The Conof desk light is an attractive C -shaped desk light that helps keep your workspace clean and well -lit. It even has an integrated 2 -port USB hub. Available in three colors. Specifications: AC100V. http://gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzde&productURLCode=desklight

Sega Toys Homestar Pro (Black) - $299.99
Segatoys Homestar lineup of in -home planetariums have been immensely popular. Especially for city dwellers, projecting the night sky onto your apartment ceiling lends a special mood. The HomeStar Pro 21st Century is a high -end version of the original Homestar. With triple the original luminosity, the ability to give shooting star effects, and an adjustable stand for projecting at multiple angles, this is the most popular home planetarium. It includes multiple sky projection plates. Available in two colors. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzrn&productURLCode=homestarpro

Middle Colors Ultrasonic Humidifier (Silver/Pink) - $114.99
The tremendous success of the Fukasawa humidifier has spawned a number of design -oriented, colorful humidifiers at a lower price point. This is a favorite. This humidifier series is available in two sizes, and a range of colors. Just add water, and the ultrasonic humidifier immediately begins misting. The humidifier will mist for 8 hours (small) or 10 hours (large, and at a higher humidity output). http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzhm&productURLCode=md801

Seahope LED 1259B - $119.99
The 1259B watch features a unique analog LED display with either an etched stainless steel or black finish and leather band. Available in three different LED colors, the 1259B is waterproof and is shipped in a special case. The round dial indicates the hour; the bottom line indicates how many tens of minutes; the top line indicates minutes. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzdf&productURLCode=giz1259b

Seahope LED 1259C - $129.99
The 1259C watch features a futuristic robot -like metal face with either an etched stainless steel or black finish and leather band. Available with either a red or green LED display, the 1259C is waterproof and is shipped in a special case. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzdf&productURLCode=giz1259c

Seahope LED F.Turbo - 129.99
The F.Turbo watch has a unique display based on a Formula F1 race car. Available in four color options, the F.Turbo watch is waterproof and is shipped in a special case. (How to tell the time: each small dial represents two hours, and can be half full. Each large dial is a block of ten minutes filled appropriately). http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzdf&productURLCode=gizfturbo

Seahope LED Ants - $119.99
This watch has a very unique way of telling time. It is also engrossing gross. If you don't want to look at it but you can't look away, it might be time to crush that buy button. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzdf&productURLCode=gizants

Stone Speaker - $79.99
From the same people who designed the miniature wooden speaker, comes this also eco -friendly design. Made from stone marble and featuring a built in amplifier, this small speaker still manages to delivery excellent sound quality in such a small package. Charges via USB and includes a keychain strap to always have available at a moment's notice. http://www.gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzpt&productURLCode=stonespe

Chopstick Practice - $39.99
Practice your chopstick manners with these cute characters. (Yes, that's it! But they sure are cute...) http://gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzar&productURLCode=chprtc

Fukusawa Clock - $69.99
This small clock was designed by Naoto Fukasawa and is part of the plusminus zero line of interior goods. It is elegant and simple, with large dots for easy reading but evenly spaced numbers around the edge for precision. It has a perfectly square face, measuring 5.9 cm (2.3 inches) in each direction, and is just over 1 inch thick (2.9 cm). Also has alarm function. http://gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzck&productURLCode=fukaclock

ZOOMWEAR KUMA for ipod nano 3G - $29.99
This pink Kuma case from Zoomwear keeps your iPod Nano safe and close by at all times. The protective case is shaped like a cute cartoon bear, and can be easily attached to your key chain with the included strap. http://gizmine.com/#ProductPage=CategoryCode=gzip&productURLCode=ipodnano3gkuma

Gizmine.com, the world's largest Japanese gadgets and lifestyle shop, is the brain -child of Dynamism.com CEO Douglas Krone. Recognizing the large market of Japanese gadgets, Gizmine.com was created to bring the Tokyo shopping experience and products to international consumers. The website features 500+ cool and quirky gadgets and lifestyle products where you can search by "Popular," "New," "Color." "Price," "Theme," "Brand," and product category. For more information visit www.gizmine.com or call toll -free 1 -800 -711 -6277.


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