NuVo Technologies Hires Net Enforcers to Further Clamp Down on Fraudulent Internet Sales of Its Products

Online monitoring service will enhance existing programs within NuVo that protect legitimate, rule-abiding NuVo dealers.

Hebron, KY - December 2, 2008 - NuVo Technologies, an innovator in the engineering, manufacture and design of multi -room audio systems, today announced that it has retained the services of Net Enforcers, Inc., to monitor online sales of its products.

"Our contracting of Net Enforcers, a proven leader in online brand protection, is the latest component of our comprehensive campaign to eliminate fraudulent internet sales of our products," said Chris Westfall, NuVo's vice president of sales, USA. "With Net Enforcers' help, we will provide an even higher level of reassurance, support and protection to legitimate NuVo dealers who abide by the rules."

Net Enforcers will provide two crucial services for NuVo: Auction Monitoring and Price Monitoring. It will efficiently monitor auctions for the potential infringement of NuVo's products, enabling NuVo to take quick action to defend its brand and its network of legitimate dealers by eliminating unauthorized activity. It will also monitor online pricing activity, providing detailed matrix reporting to ensure policy compliance among NuVo's authorized dealer base.

NuVo's sales team maintains a zero -tolerance program internally for misbehaving dealers. A single discovery of a dealer partaking in illegitimate activity, or three such incidents by a distributor, results in termination of that dealer or distributor. Net Enforcers serves as an additional and powerful resource for this discovery process.

"NuVo Technologies is continuously looking to promote its products more efficiently and effectively online," said Stuart Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing at Net Enforcers. "An integral part of this strategy is executing an effective Internet brand -protection program. Net Enforcers' goal is to help deliver this type of actionable and quantifiable solution. With our Price and Auction Monitoring solutions, NuVo will be assured that its products and corporate policies are successfully monitored and enforced, securing its brand equity in the process."

NuVo products are exclusively sold and installed by official NuVo dealers. The products are not sold at retail and are not intended for the do -it -yourself market.

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About NuVo Technologies
Based in Hebron, Ky., just outside of Cincinnati, NuVo Technologies is an innovator in the engineering, manufacture and distribution of multi -room digital audio distribution systems. NuVo focuses just as much energy on its products' value and ease of use as it does on their quality, design, energy efficiency and engineering, striving for the highest levels in all aspects. NuVo believes the music -enabled home is something that all consumers can achieve and enjoy. Its products can make it happen. Visit NuVo's comprehensive website at

About Net Enforcers
Net Enforcers, Inc., a leading provider of online brand protection and enforcement services, safeguards the brands of over 100 clients, including the top consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive and sporting good manufacturers. Our state of the art data collection technology and team of industry experts monitor, track, investigate and report on the violation and misuse of proprietary brands and products. Net Enforcers' services can increase clients' profits and help restore product value and integrity.

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