NEW Haicom HI -602 Multifunction Real -time SMS/GPRS/DTMF Car GPS Tracker, Suitable for All Aspect of Tracking Applications

With HI-602 GPS/GSM tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time using any regular SIM card (with one phone number), any regular phone (home phone, mobile phone, smart phone, etc)comes with free a mapping software

Haicom Announces New GPS/GSM/DTMF Real Time Tracker

HAICOM HI -602DT is a very small sized (43x69x18mm) GPS/GSM tracker. Inside the tracker is: GPS module, GSM module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, re -chargeable battery and it is an independent device similar to a regular mobile phone and completely self -contained.

HI -602DT uses the most unique DTMF technology via GSM voice channel to send back the real time GPS location data directly to another phone and user can track any moving object live on the map without Internet access and call center in between (Free of charge tracking and no need to pay any monthly subscription to the service) Unlike the traditional SMS tracker send only SMS with GPS position to the cell phone and user has to manually key in the location digit by digit to get only a dot on the map, HI -602 will keep send back the real time location and continuously show the routes on the local GPS map or Google map automatically as long as you track. You can actually watch the vehicle moving live on the map just like you using the car navigation.

Unlike the traditional GPRS tracker which need to send the data all the time to the IP server (and keep consuming the battery power), HI -602DT can go deep sleeping mode to save the power consumption. With a regular re -chargeable battery, HI -602DT can stand by for almost 5 days and make it very suitable for personal tracking. For example, simply put the small tracker into the kid backpack, parent only need to take it out for charging after 5 days. It is very good personal security and most importantly, parent no need to pay monthly fee after purchasing the unit. After purchasing, user can put any local GSM SIM card (or pre -paid SIM card, etc.) user only need to pay the phone call charge when someday he want to do the tracking. Also, by set up the 3 prioritize call back telephone numbers inside HI -602DT, user can press the SOS button and the tracker will immediately send the SMS with GPS location to the preset telephone numbers about the conditions. User can also press the Geo fencing button so that the tracker will send the SMS warning when the tracker out of the preset circle area. The Geo fencing is also very useful for security purpose to restrict your vehicle, moving property movement. For instance, the tracker will automatically inform you with SMS when your car is out of the preset area circle.


Extremely low power consumption with up to 5 days stand by time

Suitable for all aspect tracking applications: GPRS AVL, DTMF Global security, personal tracking

Two way talking communications

Very small in size

Expandable and flexible vehicle control functions: live petrol/power remote cutting, Vibration sensor and bugging

With HI -602 GPS/GSM tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time by using any regular SIM card (with one phone number), any regular phone (home phone, mobile phone, smart phone, etc) and any local mapping software or Google Earth Special software is not required

GPS receiver is small in size and main unit come with the big capacity rechargeable battery, it is also very suitable for personal tracking

On the HI -602, one can press the panic button and HI -602 will instantly dial back to the preset telephone numbers (can set three numbers in different priority)

With the optional car kit accessories, car control cables, micro -phone, moving sensor, one can remotely control certain functions

Car control cable sets: stop the car oil and electricity from any phone

Micro -phone sets: to hear the voice from HI -602 side

Vibration sensor: HI -602 will automatically dial back when the moving occur

Unlike most GPS/GSM tracker using the GPRS communication in SMS message in none -real time mode and require control station (require monthly fee) or Internet access,

HI -602 no need any control center and special software

With point to point solution, it is also no need to check the object from the Internet, wherever one can make the phone call, one can track the object and see the moving from any mapping software in real time

Just like you call someone and he tells you where the object is and shows you where he is on the mapping software HI -602 provide non -stop and continue real time tracking without time limitation

User can also connect HI -602DT to all kinds of optional car kits accessories so that the user can globally control the vehicle petrol supply or electricity by pressing few phone buttons from any phone. For example,

By connecting the optional vibration sensor, the tracker will also actively warning user when there is any movement on the vehicle.

By connecting the microphone to the car kit box, user can remotely tap the conversation from any phone.

By connecting the optional HI -SDL data logger dongle, all the tracker travelled route will be logged anytime even the tracker not doing the real time tracking.


HI -602DT tracking solution provides the most user -friendly and easy to track the moving object. Simply call the tracker, heard the continue dial tone and put the phone speaker to the decoder microphone. The decoder will decode the dial tone into a standard GPS NMEA data. With inclusive tracking software, user can see the object moving live on Google map.

Haicom Europe provide two year free replacement warranty with CE, FC, RoHS, WEEE
certificate and 24hour customer support for All Haicom products including the HI -602VT.

Feel free to contact me for any further information

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Eric Okunde

Haicom Europe GPS

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The Netherlands

Tel: 0031 -402938955

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