BMB launches REQUEST HD VIDEO Solution to Europe

Netherlands - BMB Electronics BV, Europe's leading supplier of Custom and Home AV solutions and the exclusive European Mainland Distributor for ReQuest Inc, today announced the launch of ReQuest Inc's new Intelligent Media Client.

Veen - Netherlands - November 14th 2008 - BMB Electronics BV, Europe's leading supplier of Custom and Home AV solutions and the exclusive European Mainland Distributor for ReQuest Inc, today announced the launch of ReQuest Inc's new Intelligent Media Client. When combined with ReQuest F or iQ servers, the IMC delivers a complete Home entertainment solution including multiroom music, movies, home videos, photos, and web -based features such as weather, stocks, and web cams. The expandable platform enables home owners to enjoy their CD and DVD content as well as the expanding range of online services for streaming and downloadable content.

The ReQuest Intelligent Media Client integrates a slot -loading DVD drive, which delivers local playback of DVDs as well as the ability to archive movies to the system's iQ or F -Series media server. Once archived, music, movies and videos become part of the server's library, available for search, instant recall, and enjoyment in any room of the house via ReQuest's powerful yet simple graphical interface shown below.

Movie playback, whether local or archived, can be upscaled up to 1080p by the IMC, for near -HD image quality from its HDMI and component outputs. The IMC also acts as a gateway to online media and offers access to millions of videos from YouTube. ReQuest plans to add more services like YouTube for streaming and downloadable content of music, video, and photos in the near future.

The IMC provides a user experience that's as elegant as its performance. Because its operating system runs from solid -state memory the IMC is incredibly quiet and gigabit Ethernet networking makes communication and response lightning fast. Because ReQuest's new on -screen HD TV GUI serves as the main interface for all content and control, it is incredibly easy and intuitive to use by every member of the family. An infrared input jack lets the IMC integrate local full -system control with no additional hardware other than any standard IR -sensor. And any infrared remote can quickly be configured to operate the ReQuest HD TV GUI using just the four basic directional cursor commands plus 'enter' and 'exit' commands.

Setup is equally easy: the IMC requires just one standard Ethernet CAT5 connection to the home network, and is quickly configured using the new High Definition TV GUI. The IMC provides hi -def video output, up to 1080p, via HDMI AND component -video simultaneously, allowing installers to display HD on the local room's TV or projection system and at the same time distributing HD content throughout the house. Connections for optical digital audio output are supported for the local home theater or stereo audio installation.

Not only is the new Intelligent Media Client easy to use and affordable, it is scalable too, and multiple IMC's can be used on one system to provide different content to different rooms. ReQuest will introduce storage -expansion options using standard gigabit -Ethernet NAS (network accessible storage) soon, so owners' content libraries can grow economically without being forced to purchase proprietary, expensive storage.

About BMB Electronics
BMB Electronics BV is located in Veen, Netherlands and under the BMB and Martek company names has been in business since 1987, growing year on year to become one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting solutions. The company holds extensive stock to supply the European market and hosts regular dealer/installer training sessions at its own custom designed offices and warehouses in Holland, the UK and Sweden. For more information please visit

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