MKS, Ion Systems® Introduces A Modulated Pulse Ionizing Bar

The Ion Systems AeroBar® MP Model 5625 is a high-performance, low COO solution to eliminate static charge

Andover, MA, November 13, 2008 - MKS Instruments, Inc. (Nasdaq: MKSI), a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has introduced the Ion Systems AeroBar® MP Model 5625 for effective elimination of static charge in advanced flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing processes and related applications. The Modulated Pulse (MP) technology lowers swing voltage, reduces discharge times and prolongs cleaning cycle times as compared with conventional pulsed AC products providing more efficient, lower maintenance static charge elimination.

The AeroBar® MP's high frequency sine wave technology produces a continuous, high level of ion generation which the modulated pulses harvest and transport to the target in advanced flat panel display manufacturing and other applications requiring low balance offsets. These features enhance the ability of the AeroBar® MP to repel airborne molecular contaminants (AMC) in the environment, dramatically reducing the clean dry air (CDA) consumption and increasing the length between cleaning cycles in static elimination operations.

The new AeroBar® MP Model 5625 achieves best -in -class for ionizer efficiency. Easy adjustments to frequency, voltage, and balance provide a wide -range of performance settings to meet users' exact requirements. An FMS signal permits connection to a tool controller or host computer. The AeroBar® MP offers reduced maintenance and running cost for lower overall Cost of Ownership (COO) for static elimination, as well as higher yield essential for competitive production systems in today's economy.

About MKS:
MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity. Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, materials delivery, gas composition analysis, electrostatic charge management, control and information technology, power and reactive gas generation, and vacuum technology. Our primary served markets are manufacturers of capital equipment for semiconductor devices, and for other thin film applications including flat panel displays, solar cells, data storage media, and other advanced coatings. We also leverage our technology in other markets with advanced manufacturing applications including medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and energy generation and environmental monitoring.

Corporate contact:
Lisa Dabney
Phone: 978 -645 -5548
Fax: 978 -557 -5100

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