Quadrics announces new everyday low pricing on Quadrics TG201, 24 -port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The Quadrics TG201, 24-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch leads the market in ultra low-latency intelligent switching, delivering cut-through latency as low as 200ns.

With its robust layer -2 switching capabilities and the ubiquity of Ethernet, the Quadrics 10 Gigabit Ethernet TG201 switch is uniquely placed to service the ever -demanding needs of the Data Centres, High utilization virtualized servers, Campus network core switching and storage consolidation.

Where more than 24 ports are required, the Quadrics TG201 can be stacked to increase in 10GE port count without the expense of large chassis based switches.

List price for Quadrics 24 port CX4 10GE Switch is $14,400, but the Quadrics TG201 24 Port 10GbE switch is also available as a 12 CX4 and 12 XFP managed switch, at $16,200 list price.

QsTenG TG201 Features
• 480Gbps of throughput
• Fully non -blocking layer -2 switching
• Industry's lowest latency - 200ns
• XFP pluggable modules enabling LR/SR media
• Low cost fixed CX4 ports for in -rack connectivity

Quadrics' Scalable 10 GigE Solutions offer high -performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches for customers who want to take advantage of the increase in bandwidth that 10 Gigabit Ethernet offers together with significant reductions in price from a new generation of switches. If your organizations is looking to consolidate its application and storage networks, if you need fast, reliable and affordable switching solutions that are standards based and leverage existing competencies, Quadrics' QsTenG TG201 switch offers 480Gbps of throughput, fully non -blocking layer -2 switching, only 200ns latency, low cost copper CX4 or fibre option to reach greater distances, at affordable prices.

Organizations are looking to consolidate their application and storage networks. They need fast, reliable and affordable switching solutions that are standards based and leverage existing competencies. Thanks to Quadrics QsTenG TG201 24 -port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch these needs can be met with a single solution.

Manufacturing and Financial Services
The TG201 is targeted at engineering simulation and financial applications that require both high network bandwidth and low latency switching. This 1U solution enables the consolidation of an IP storage network with a compute cluster based on commodity servers, to form a solution that scales to a few tens of nodes. The TG201 10GigE switch provides an elegant, multi -purpose, high performance network fabric for single rack installations.

High utilization virtualized servers
Virtualization technology places a heavy demand on data center servers. The platform must manage multiple environments while still delivering application and data services to users in a timely fashion. The TG201 gives virtualized servers the network IO performance they need to deliver the cost benefits virtualization promises.

Campus network core switching - storage consolidation
The TG201 supports port -based VLAN (802.1Q) together with 4 classes of QoS traffic (802.1/p) and DiffServ (IPV4/6). Wide ranges of cable reaches are also possible using pluggable optics modules. When used in this scenario the TG201 provides the bandwidth and quality of service features that are key enablers for the centralization and consolidation of storage.

At Quadrics, we are continually taking our Interconnect technology to new levels by improving performance and developing new innovations. Be sure to take advantage of the new everyday low pricing.
List Price in USD. Further discounts are available for Academia, OEMs and for volume orders.
Pricing is exclusive of shipping, sales taxes and/or duty. Shipment to certain countries or organizations may require export authorization.

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