iAM© Audio Server for Crestron©, version 2.1

Serene Automation announces the latest version of their 'iTunes© for Crestron©' product 'iAM©'. Version 2.1 represents a new direction in audio server technology, ushering in a new price point in the high-end Audio Server Market.

The iAM© product represents a new breed of Touch Panel controlled Audio Server. It combines the best of dedicated Server products and Docking Solutions, at a lower cost than either. According to Tokey Arojoye, CEO of NGN Consulting (tokey@ngnconsulting): "I am impressed with is the reliability, the 2 -way communication and most of all the ability to use all the features even if the client does not have an Ethernet based touchpanel. We've tested this module with Crestron's X -panel interface and it works the same as if one was using an Ethernet touchpanel. iAM© is a great cost -effective solution for the homeowner whether they are on a small or large budget. It allows the homeowner to use money they were going to spend on an expensive music server for some other addition to their home automation system. The bottom line is I highly recommend this solution for any environment and can't wait to start integrating into systems we design."

"We are excited about this release of iAM©, as it achieves our primary goal of minimizing the pain customers feel maintaining their music collections on Audio Servers, as well as the difficulties in using them.", writes John Poremba, President of Serene Automation. "iAM© allows people to listen to music on their terms. It removes artificial barriers that other Server products impose. For example, 'multiple -genre tracks' eliminate the need to create a plethora of special genre playlists just to listen to the music type you want. Without multiple genre support, you have to create and maintain playlists to fit your music into more than one... It also has 'Intelligent Loading', which learns your playing habits, and 'Moodscapes' which let's a user 'evolve' what they are listening to on -the -fly. These and other features are designed to eliminate the need of virtually all custom playlists: a constant source of irritation among users, especially when you need to duplicate that work on your Audio Server."

iAM© is available in three versions ready for integration in your Home Automation or Home Theater environment. Presently it is only available on 2 -series Crestron automation systems. Those interested should have their system installer contact Serene Automation directly. For those wanting to start off with Home Automation, iAM© is also available as a fully integrated ready to play solution.

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For more information about iAM© or to schedule an interview with Serene Automation, please e -mail: info@sereneautomation.com or check them out at: www.sereneautomation.com

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