Manufacturer's OmniLite products will be the first manifestation of its company-wide Earth-friendly initiatives.

Phoenix, AZ - October 28, 2008 - OmniMount, the leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial A/V mounting and furniture solutions, proudly announces an environmentally -friendly line of products. In the company's ongoing effort to conserve nature's resources and reduce waste, OmniMount plans to introduce the eco -conscious OmniLite Series. Both the product and the packaging are made from recycled materials and minimize component parts without sacrificing quality or safety.

"As a corporation and as individuals, it is our responsibility to introduce products that meet today's green standards," states Alex Robertson, senior vice president of sales. "Although OmniMount has always been eco -conscious, our upcoming OmniLite Series shows our commitment to a new way of approaching sustainable product design."

The upcoming OmniLite product line - the first environmentally -conscious audio/video mounting solution offered by a major U.S. manufacturer - will consist of three premium flat panel mounts: OL50FT, OL125FT and OL200FT. Through advanced engineering, OmniMount's in -house design team was able to reduce the amount of material used by 32 percent while actually increasing each mount's overall strength - and therefore weight capacity - by 56 percent, in comparison to current competitive models. These flat panel mounts offer fixed and tilt functionality in one slim -profile, efficient form -factor.

But OmniMount did not stop at just the product design; the OmniLite Series will greatly reduce waste by featuring condensed packaging and streamlined hardware kits. Additionally, manuals and installation templates for each product will be printed on the inside of the box eliminating the need for unnecessary paper. The OmniLite Series will also utilize 100 -percent recyclable internal packaging with no plastic bags, post -consumer recyclable outer box material, and non -petroleum -based ink for all package printing.

Echoing Robertson's sentiment, Brett Stenhouse, vice president of marketing adds, "OmniMount has always been committed to providing the highest -quality, most innovative A/V mounting solutions to the consumer and commercial marketplaces, and has always been eco -conscious. But over the past year, we have invested substantially in advanced R&D in order to fulfill our environmental responsibility and adapt more eco -friendly products and processes. The first products reflecting these efforts will hit the market soon."

The OmniLite line will ship in Q1 2009.

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About OmniMount
OmniMount is a global leader in the design and manufacture of A/V mounting and furniture solutions for residential home entertainment and commercial applications. A perennial innovator, OmniMount has set industry standards for over three decades with groundbreaking in -house design and engineering, premium quality and unsurpassed reliability. Whether it's a small speaker, a large flat panel display, or anything in between, OmniMount has the right mounting solution for every job. Based in Phoenix, OmniMount currently is represented in more than 65 countries.

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