Get Digital Data and TransRegional Marketing Join Forces to Launch GD3 Certified MetaRipDVD™ Loading Service

DVD Loading for ReQuest, Escient, Niveus & Kaleidescape Now Available

Oct. 16, 2008 - Get Digital Data, Inc. (GDD) and TransRegional Marketing, LLC (TRM) are proud to announce the expansion of the MetaRip line of server loading services to include MetaRipDVD™.

Best known for its CD -Loading service, and Anthology Preloaded Music Collections, MetaRip is widely recognized as the quality leader, bringing server -grade, professionally groomed, GD3 -powered digital encoding and server loading, exclusively to professional AV dealers across the country.

Leveraging the combined expertise of Nick Carter and Doug Strachota, MetaRip is the culmination of decades of industry expertise in media servers, CD -Loading, and the needs of professional systems integrators. TRM President, Nick Carter launched ReQuest into the CEDIA market in 2001, after 15 years as a successful CEPro Top 50 dealer. After years with Escient, GDD CEO, Doug Strachota founded Get Digital, Inc., the first "ship & rip" CD -Loading service, and has since pioneered much of the bulk loading service industry. "Nick and I teamed up in 2006 while he was seeking technology partners for MetaRip," says Strachota. "He understands the needs of this market as well as anyone, so we've been collaborating on a complete technology and service platform to meet the exacting requirements that dealers demand." Get Digital Data provides the underlying software, and GD3 database for CD, DVD, and Blu -Ray disc recognition and metadata.

After extensive R&D, MetaRipDVD™ is now available exclusively through dealers for loading media servers by ReQuest, Escient Vision, Kaleidescape, Niveus and other major brands. Like MetaRip CD -Loading services, DVDs are archived to GD3 Certified specifications. GD3 metadata and professional grooming assures accurate and complete metadata crucial to an awesome user experience. "DVD archiving is no trivial matter," says Carter. "Each server must be loaded directly and legally per manufacturer specifications, requiring expertise in the various server platforms in the market." GD3 has the largest DVD/Blu -Ray database, with over 500,000 titles. "Get Digital Data has unparalleled mastery of media server technology, automated loading software, and server -grade metadata that's required by MetaRip dealers to deliver the best user experience."

MetaRipDVD™™ services are available to dealers now!

Learn more about MetaRipDVD™ at

For Dealer pricing, call Nick Carter at 888.233.4274, or email

About Get Digital Data: Founded in 2004, Get Digital Data is a market leader in CD/DVD encoding software and metadata. The GD3 database is the choice of server -loading professionals worldwide. With over 2 million CD and over 500,000 DVD titles, GD3 has unmatched accuracy, coverage, and high -resolution cover art demanded for high -end systems.

About TransRegional Marketing (TRM):
Founded by Nick Carter in 2006, TRM is a leader in media server technology marketing. Nick began his career as a multi -award -winning dealer in 1986. As ReQuest VP Sales & Marketing, Nick launched the media server category in 2001, building a network of 600 dealers and establishing ReQuest as the market leader. TRM specializes in media server related products and services including MetaRip CD/DVD Loading, VinylRip LP conversion, and Anthology Preloaded Music Collection to a growing network of AV professionals nationwide.

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