Samsung Tops Table of 22,000 Products for Best Design

Good product design is as important as general performance these days. No longer do products just have to operate, they also have to fit into our homes and our lifestyles.

6th October 2008

Good product design is as important as general performance these days. No longer do products just have to operate, they also have to fit into our homes and our lifestyles., (, the UK's leading publisher of genuine customer reviews, has conducted research to find out which brands consumers think offer the best designs.

Reevoo looked at 22,000 products with more than 15 reviews and ranked them all in terms of their scores for design - as rated by consumers who had bought the products.

One brand, Samsung, stood head and shoulders above the rest with a remarkable 51 products in the top 100.

Top brands for design - number of products in top 100
Samsung - 51
LG - 7
3. Sony - 6
4. Apple - 6

For the full list, see Reevoo's blog Decide What to Buy.

Samsung outclassed the competition and took more than half of the top 100 places for products with the highest scores for design. They were followed by LG in second place and Sony and Apple in joint third.

Reevoo then looked deeper into the results and divided the products into categories. Home Entertainment, Mobile Phones, White Goods, Computing and Home and DIY were looked at in more detail to see which brand's products performed the best for design in each category.

Best designed product in each category
Home Entertainment - Toshiba 46XF355D television
Mobile Phones - Samsung F480 Tocco
White Goods - Bosch KTR18P20GB fridge
Computing - Apple MacBook
Home & DIY - Numatic Hetty vacuum cleaner

Reviews showed how important design was to shoppers, with many positive comments about the Toshiba's distinctively thin bezel and the fact that it makes the TV seem smaller and less obtrusive than you would expect of a 46" TV. The Samsung Tocco stood out for its sleek design, excellent touch screen and its camera. And the impressive sliding drawers and amount of storage space in the Bosch fridge lead one reviewer to write "Probably the best internal designed fridge I have seen", and positioned it as the best designed white good.

Chris Winstanley, spokesman for said "How a product looks is important but high scores for design also require manufacturers to think about a product's individual components; the Bosch fridge was praised for its see -through, space -creating design that helped owners to see all their food at once, it's these innovative designs that attract consumers and develop brand loyalty.

"The best way to decide whether or not a certain product is designed well is to ask people who have bought it and lived with it for a while. That's where impartial reviews from genuine shoppers can come in very handy".

Reevoo has hundreds of thousands of reviews across 22,000 products, all collected from confirmed purchasers who have bought the products from one of Reevoo's 55 UK retail partners.

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