Designed & Engineered by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito, the System Features a Unique 3-Way Design and Virtually Resonant Free Cabinet Construction, Providing the Ultimate in Audio Performance

Denver, CO, September 4, 2008 - Snell Acoustics, a leading designer and manufacturer of high -performance loudspeaker systems for more than 30 years, has announced the introduction of Illusion, A Reference Loudspeaker System (SRP: $25,000 each). Illusion is meticulously crafted to provide ultimate -quality audio performance for the most refined music and home entertainment systems. With its unique and innovative 3 -way design and extraordinary cabinet construction, Snell's new flagship product represents the pinnacle of the company's renowned "audiophile" pedigree in loudspeaker design and manufacturing.

Many of the leading -edge engineering and advanced design characteristics of Illusion, including the highest quality transducers, sophisticated voicing techniques and driver technologies, will be carried through to Snell's Signature and Premier Series loudspeakers as well.

Joe D'Appolito, Ph.D., Snell's Chief Engineer, notes: "There's no question that Illusion represents Snell's finest achievement in loudspeaker design, incorporating only the finest transducers, the very latest advances in dynamic driver and network design and Illusion's unique continuously variable cabinet geometry. To create Illusion, we literally set no limitations on acoustical design, materials or creative engineering - the result is nothing less than an audio enthusiast's masterpiece."

Uniquely Artful Asymmetrical Cabinet Design
The uniquely artful design of Snell's Illusion features a graceful pair of asymmetrical tapering towers, which gives the impression that the speaker is an organic, almost living presence, with gently curved surfaces and a sculpted, statuesque appearance. Snell woodworkers and design engineers spared no expense in the creation of this exceedingly labor -intensive cabinet, which houses a full spectrum of fast, sublimely musical transducers, integrated with an exceptionally precise crossover network. The combination of the groundbreaking cabinet design and sophisticated audio componentry results in a superbly balanced, highly dynamic device that creates a nearly holographic soundstage that puts voices and instruments not just in their proper location, but in the their proper size relative to each other - with consistent acoustic characteristics at every listening level.

Audio Lineage Goes Back to Snell's Landmark Type A Loudspeaker
Illusion traces its lineage to the very first Snell: the landmark Type A design Peter Snell created in 1976. But the subtle form of Illusion reflects the ongoing evolution of high -end audio and defines an altogether new concept in enclosure design. The speaker's intriguing shape conceals refinements yielding unprecedented freedom from resonance and spurious vibration. Consequently, the literally full -range and entirely uncolored reproduction, which integrates the world's finest transducers with Snell's matchless crossover expertise, can be heard with unimpeded clarity and unrestricted detail.

Illusion employs the most refined of "D'Appolito Array" executions, eponymous to Snell's chief engineer. The D'Appolito Array is a symmetrical vertical array of three non -coincident drivers (midrange -tweeter -midrange). The effect of this sophisticated geometrical array is to eliminate polar axis wander, or lobing error, independent of inter -driver phase differences, for smooth and consistent axial dispersion of high -frequency sound in the horizontal plane. The result is a coordinated audio wave -front with minimal interaction with floors and ceilings. The rich, luxurious sound of Illusion is free from coloration, with improved clarity, definition and transient accuracy.

Meticulously Engineered, Hand -Crafted for Audio Perfection
Illusion incorporates engineering and construction details whose acoustical value is well established by numerous Snell antecedents. Key to the realistic audio reproduction capabilities of Illusion is a tweeter specially developed for smooth, naturally resonance -free and widely dispersive response, yet capable of maintaining meaningful response to nearly 40 kHz. Equally important, powerful, accurate output to unusually low frequencies permits low mid -high crossover frequency, a critical factor to the near ideal blending of both amplitude and directional responses of the D'Appolito array. Additionally, a unique "Hexadym" magnet structure -a ring of six small, radially magnetized neodymium magnets in a focused hexagonal array -yields high efficiency and an acoustically open structure that fully optimizes the tweeter sub -enclosure, utterly removing back -wave and internal -resonance factors from the design equation.

A dramatically radiused front, which effectively negates diffraction, eliminates higher -frequency reflections toward the listening zone, thereby promoting clarity and definition. And of course, each Illusion is meticulously crafted, assembled, and finished by hand to the obsessive standards Snell has long established.

Like every Snell across the years, Illusion is individually calibrated (to a demanding response -window of 0.5 dB). To minimize crosstalk distortion each crossover section is individually laid out on a discrete, heavy fiberglass circuit board using topology suited to its circuit and position, freely permitting bi - or tri -amplifying/wiring or single -cable connection. All networks are 24 dB/octave -acoustic, carefully optimized to the drivers and thus requiring only 2nd -order filters at critical positions. Snell recognizes the significance of crossover -component selection, using superbly linear polypropylene capacitors exclusively, ultra -quality air -core inductors at all low -frequency positions, and silver -alloy solder with fully 12 -gauge ultra -premium internal wiring throughout.

The Illusion Finish
Snell's reputation for the audio world's finest wood finishes and craftsmanship is exemplified in Illusion. The "standard" finish is high -gloss black under multi -coated,

hand -rubbed clear lacquer. But virtually any wood finish, however familiar or exotic, is available under special order, as is deep -luster lacquer, or other specialized finishing, in any color or shade desired.

About Snell Acoustics
For over 30 years Snell Acoustics has designed and manufactured high -end loudspeakers, and has earned a reputation as one of the world's foremost manufactures of custom -built, handcrafted speakers. Based in Peabody, Massachusetts, the company is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing hand -made cabinets, award -winning sound, and pioneering efforts to introduce THX® Certified speakers to the marketplace. Snell Acoustics is a wholly owned subsidiary of D&M Holdings Inc. Additional information is available at

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