DirectConnect® takes Structured Panel wireless routers "Outside The Box" at private showings at CEDIA

DirectConnect® now offers a structured panel antenna extender adapter, which extends the range of mounted wireless router base stations. Extender adapter solves the interference issue & returns your service to normal signal strength, outside the box.


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Editorial Contact: Michael F. Jorewicz DirectConnect® Product Manager 281 -660 -3925

DirectConnect® - Thinking Outside the Structured Wiring Box!

Patent -Pending Structure Panel Antenna Extender Adapter for Wireless Routers

Houston, TX, September 2008 - DirectConnect®, a leading supplier of advanced connectivity, has been working on a solution for custom installers/system integrators who cannot get the range needed from wireless routers mounted in a metal structured panel. This metal cabinet can shield the internal wiring and components from unwanted EMI, RF, and other interference, but it also limits the performance, range, and strength of the wireless router.

If you are looking to expand the existing wireless coverage of your wireless router base station in a structured panel, the DirectConnect® SPWIFIANT structured panel antenna extender adapter uses its easily installed new patented part with your wireless router base station's antenna to extend the range, quality, and performance of your wireless network. By connecting your wireless device to the DirectConnect patented SPWIFIANT structured wiring extender adapter, you achieve normal signal strength. Since 1996, DirectConnect® has been thinking "outside the box" to develop unique and cost -effective new products.

Using this device frees installers from running cables all over a customer's location. Internet access and Internet connection can be improved so that customers can connect at favored hot spots. Like all DirectConnect products, the DirectConnect® SPWIFIANT Structure Panel Antenna Extender Adapter offers the most competitive warranties in the industry and is guaranteed to work alongside other brands.

Along with these new patent -pending products designed for routers and structure panels, DirectConnect® also manufactures a host of valuable patented solutions and applications that address custom installation needs.

About DirectConnect®
Since 1996, DirectConnect® has been a leading manufacturer of products and solutions designed specifically for the custom integration industry, especially as it relates to the installation of sophisticated audio, video, security, telecom, and data networking systems. Based in Houston, DirectConnect® also offers a wide range of A/V and electronic products, providing installers with the perfect solution for their job.
Information about DirectConnect® is available at or by calling 800 -531 -3224. Any inquiries regarding DirectConnect® SPWIFIANT structured panel antenna extension can be directed to Michael F. Jorewicz, Product Manager/Specialist at DirectConnect®, at 800 -531 -3224 /

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