NaimNet USA Unveils a Sweet Suite of Products at CEDIA Expo

NaimNet Music Servers fulfill a dual role: to deliver audiophile performance locally and to deliver the finest uncompressed streamed music quality to any location in a home, without loss, over a standard IP network.


NaimNet USA Unveils a Sweet Suite of Products at CEDIA Expo

As Part of its US Launch, NaimNet USA Delivers Three Audiophile -Grade Music Servers to the CI Channel

NaimNet targets the discriminating music lover with its new music servers

Computers and music have drawn ever closer since a hard disk recorder was first used in a professional recording studio. Now, with downloads being part of the everyday audiophile experience, computer technology has become an inherent element of music in the home. It takes immense knowledge, skill and dedication however to design electronic products that can take the raw bits of digital audio and re -assemble them into a genuine musical experience. Naim Audio CD players have long been a testament to that fact and now NaimNet music servers have joined them.
NaimNet music servers are of course not the first hard disk music servers, but they are the first to carry the Naim logo, and with it, all the principles of musical audio quality that the logo demands. They incorporate every last thing we know about maximizing the sound quality of digital audio and are the first music servers to reach the heady performance levels of the world's best CD players - our own.
NaimNet Music Servers fulfill a dual role: to deliver audiophile performance locally and to deliver the finest uncompressed streamed music quality to any location in a home, without loss, over a standard IP network. NaimNet music servers bring together the high -end audio expertise of Naim Audio, the UK's most successful and a world -respected high -end audio brand, the music server expertise of DigiFi™ and StreamNet™ Connected IP technology from NetStreams™ LLC.

"This combination of audiophile -grade performance with leading edge connectivity has taken more than two years of extensive research and development to bring to market." Said Mitch Witten, NaimNet USA Sales & Marketing Director. NaimNet Music Servers are available now and have been garnering very positive feedback from custom installers and integrators around the globe.

NaimNet Music Servers store music with an architecture that is fully bit -perfect and decodes digital formats up to unpacked fixed/float 32bit 96kHz for bit -for -bit accuracy. Every musical nuance is copied onto the hard drive without any compression. Uncompromised musical performance ensures that NaimNet Music Servers take their rightful place amongst Naim Audio source components delivering the finest music reproduction available.

The NaimNet NS01 (MSRP $6,800) music server has one audiophile analogue output and can deliver up to six separate simultaneous uncompressed music streams. The NS02 (MSRP $7,900) has one audiophile analog output; three additional analogue outputs and can deliver up to six separate simultaneous uncompressed music streams. NS03 (MSRP $9,575) adds a widescreen touchsceen to the front panel for local control and control of an entire NaimNet system.

At the heart of NaimNet music servers is a fully integrated CD ripping and data storage system, engineered by Naim - both hardware and software - from the ground up to optimize audio quality. When a CD is inserted in the drawer it is mounted on a specially selected audio grade transport mechanism and each of its data sectors read multiple times at varying rotational speeds to ensure that the subsequently stored data is "bit perfect". Unique Naim firmware effectively handles copy protected CDs that in most other hard disk music servers are likely to be ripped with compromised audio quality. The same firmware also overcomes the track start and end errors that occur in most other music servers and ensures that artists' intended track lead in and out times are preserved.
All NaimNet music servers feature two 400GB drives and an automatic back -up routine that regularly copies the contents of one to the other. A hard disk can fail, but the data will be secure. All NaimNet servers can add unlimited storage and backup capacity with NAS storage devices and can play WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3 and WMA from any connected storage device whether it is USB or network attached.
With the NaimNet Extended Music Database, searching for music is not limited to albums and tracks. Want to search by composer, performer, artist, orchestra? Go ahead. Can't remember the name of the Kate Bush album you ripped that Eberhard Weber played bass on? The Naim Extended Music Database, with the power of at its heart will find it for you. Remember the smallest detail and all your music is there at the touch of a screen.


• Error free ripping - bit perfect - the rip continues until identical data is read from the CD at least twice, eliminating the action of error correction.
• Naim Secure Music Storage - all music is backed up daily onto an inbuilt second hard drive
• Naim custom designed analogue output stage with optical isolation from the digital electronics for audiophile -grade performance.
• Twin power supplies: A separate toroidal transformer dedicated to the audiophile analog outputs. This has the Naim traditional double regulation for the eight power supplies.
• Local audio playback stages are optically isolated from the server architecture for lowest noise.
• All data is fully re -clocked and dejittered in true Naim fashion.
• Customized digital multiple streaming sound solution for up to six independent simultaneous streams.
• Thermally modeled and managed design to ensure that the fan only runs in exceptional circumstances for ultra quiet operation.
• Naim Extended Music Database with CD lookup is from AMG, which generally delivers a far richer content than the fall back of FreeDB.
• Sophisticated database programming allows searching on details such as conductor or soloist, even at track level, making browsing classical, jazz and compilations a joy.
• Naim front panel USB Digital Music Dock allows you to plug in an MP3 player, phone, or iPod into the USB socket on the front panel and music free of DRM plays from the portable's hard drive.
• Naim Network Scanning identifies playable music on network PCs and populates music
selection menus on the server and multi -room menus accordingly.
• Flash based web interface, local video outputs, NaimNet IP and RS232 control and
supplied remote control.
• Four striking and intuitive interfaces for easy operation.

About Naim Audio
Naim Audio has a passionate and committed interest in music. This is as true today as it was during the company's formation in Salisbury, England, over 30 years ago. Above all, it is the enjoyment of music that has driven Naim to design and manufacture the finest range of audio equipment available.

The highest engineering principles ensure that all Naim products meet and exceed the
Measurable parameters essential for state -of -the -art performance, safety and reliability: qualities for which Naim is renowned. Measurement alone, however, is not enough: every product must deliver the musical performance that the team would not want to live without.

Naim quality requires an attention to detail verging on the obsessive, along with a special and unique approach to component selection and system design. Every aspect of a Naim product's design is considered for its impact on sound quality. Manufacturing is equally specialized: there are no production lines. Products are made by highly trained operators who understand all the techniques - however insignificant they may seem - that make the difference between a good product and a truly great one.

Naim does not chase market fashion and will not shift from its overriding objective of achieving uncompromised musical performance.
About Digital Fidelity
Digital Fidelity is a UK based IT manufacturing and software consultancy. Backed by substantial private investment and in partnership with leading hardware and software providers, Digital
Fidelity's mission is to provide 'simply sophisticated solutions' to the international audio -visual industry for the storage, control and playback of digital content. Digital Fidelity do this by specializing in developing highly flexible integrated hardware/software packages, supplied under license, that are designed to take digital music into the living room; not as a dressed -up PC but as a true Consumer Electronics product.

About StreamNet
NetStreams' patent -pending StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end IP ecosystem for plug -n -play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and more. All products that carry the 'StreamNet Connected' logo are interoperable, enabling easy integration of audio/video and control products from multiple manufacturers. StreamNet provides a stable, easily expandable platform and toolset for future products and new applications.

For further information, please contact:
Mitch Witten
Sales and Marketing Director
NaimNet USA, LLC
Sales and Marketing Offices: 619 -365 -4743
Fax: 515 -474 -2986
Mobile: 949 -292 -8796

Corporate Offices:
5657 West Howard Street
Niles, Illinois 60714
Phone: 847 -647 -2293

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