LiteTouch Showcases Energy Savings Benefit of Lighting Control Systems

Consumers and Trade Offered Tips on Reducing Carbon Footprint with "Green" Technology

Salt Lake City, Utah, (September 4, 2008) - Today, LiteTouch showcased the powerful and inherent energy savings benefits of lighting control technology to Custom Electronics Professionals at the CEDIA EXPO 2008 being held in Denver, Colorado September 4 - 8. This showcase was part of an on -going energy savings educational effort by LiteTouch to supplement and support the campaign underway by the Home Lighting Control Alliance, of which LiteTouch is a Founding Partner.

Lighting Automation inherently reduces energy consumption vs. traditional light switches, and is the only automation sub -system that reduces rather than consumes energy. Here are some facts and tips on how you and your LiteTouch lighting control system can make a difference:

Energy saving tips offered by LiteTouch in their trade show booth and collateral materials include:

1. Ensure all lights are off when you leave the house with "Master Off" control. With LiteTouch lighting control systems, lights and other automation equipment are never left on accidentally.

2. Automatically activate exterior lights precisely at sunset. LiteTouch astronomical clock timers can be set to turn lights on and off at sunrise and sunset each day even as the seasons change.

3. Maximize the natural light coming into your home. By integrating automated blind and shade controls, a LiteTouch system can take advantage of daylight by adjusting shades to ideal levels. Reduce solar heat gain and lower cooling costs.

4. Control or dim the latest in energy efficient lighting sources. LiteTouch lighting control systems are friendly to LED, CFL and fluorescent lighting technlogy. Increases the efficiency of incandescent lighting too.

5. Harvest sunlight to supplement artificial light. A LiteTouch DayLight Harvesting Keypad measures the available sunlight and then adjusts artificial light sources appropriately to make the most of the sunlight. Use only the energy you need.

6. Dim lights automatically. Save 10% in energy costs by limiting maximum light levels to just 90%, a difference you'll barely notice. Even more, you can reduce landfill waste by extending the life of incandescent bulbs.

LiteTouch joins a host of industry experts calling on consumers and the trade to consider lighting control as an effective means of the reducing carbon footprint of residences and businesses alike:

"The most efficient lighting energy source is one that is turned off. Effective use of daylight and aggressive use of lighting control technologies will be needed to significantly reduce lighting energy use." - -Lighting Industry Resource Council report to US Dept. of Energy

"If 100 million households were to control just one 60 watt bulb with one vacancy sensor, this would represent almost 500 million kilowatt hours of energy savings, about $50 million per year and a reduction of almost a billion pounds of carbon dioxide." - Home Lighting Control Alliance

"20% of all electricity produced in the US is used for lighting, but 50% of that is wasted by inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers." - The Energy Conservation Project at LSU


About LiteTouch, Inc.
LiteTouch lighting control products offer real -world benefits including convenience, security, time -savings, safety, energy conservation and design aesthetics. "Experience Lighting Control," an online tour detailing many of these benefits is available at

LiteTouch, a lighting control industry leader for more than two decades, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. LiteTouch's products are available through an extensive network of representatives, authorized dealers and distributors.

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