-- Four New Integrated Amplifiers (two of which are Reference), One Stereo Receiver, and three CD Players (one in the Reference line) Reaffirm Company's Commitment to No-Compromise Audio Excellence --

DENVER, CO, September 4, 2008 - Reflecting its longstanding audio heritage, Marantz‚ announces the upcoming introduction of eight ultimate -quality component separates at CEDIA 2008. The new line includes four new integrated amplifiers, including two Reference models, the PM -11S2 (SRP: $4,499.99) and PM -15S1GL (SRP: $1,999.99), as well as the PM8003 (SRP: $999.99) and PM5003 (SRP: $449.99). In addition, Marantz is introducing two SACD players, the Reference SA -15S2 (SRP: $1,999.99) and the SA8003 (SRP: $999.99) as well as a CD Player, Model CD5003 (SRP: $349) and a Stereo Receiver, Model SR4023 (SRP: $499.99). True to form as the industry's longstanding leader in reference -quality audio, the new separates from Marantz provide discriminating audiophiles and custom installation specialists with the advanced components they need to create ultimate -quality audio systems.

New Reference Amplifiers, Plus Two High -Value, High -Performance Models
Based on an inherited design from the highly acclaimed Marantz SC -11S1 and SM -11S1 amplifiers, with a copper plated chassis and award winning Reference chassis, the Dual Mono Block Construction PM -11S2 amplifier lives up to the legendary Marantz name for impeccable audio performance and clean, reliable power. Notably, the new PM -11S2 features a Choke Input System Power Supply Circuit and a specially designed Hybrid Toroidal Transformer for total silence during operation. An Evolved Ultra High -Speed HDAM SA3 (High Definition Amplifier Modules Super Audio) in the output stage provides accurate tonal and image balance with virtually no distortion, and the PM -11S2 features symmetrical circuitry, independent oversized heat sinks and hand -selected customized components throughout. Ultrawide bandwidth circuitry provides a frequency response from 5 Hz - 120 kHz, with a remarkable greater -than -100dB channel separation. The combination of these audio enhancing features results in music reproduction that captures the essence of each recording, with nearly every sonic nuance audible in a rich, enveloping soundstage. And to ensure optimum signal purity without noise interference, the amplifier's newly designed display, featuring unique Marantz "Blue" backlighting, operates on its own independent power supply. The PM -11S2 is scheduled to be available in September 2008.

To provide discriminating home entertainment enthusiasts with even more options for high -quality system building, Marantz is also introducing the gold -finish ultimate -quality PM -15S1 GL Reference Integrated Amplifier, which features an inherited design from the acclaimed Models SC -7S1 and MA -9S1, featuring an Evolved HDAM SA2 Buffer Amp, massive toroidal transformer and Current Feedback MC/MM Phono Amplifier. And for consumers looking for high -value, high -performance power options, Marantz is also debuting the PM5003 and PM8003 Integrated Amplifiers, both of which derive their distinctive styling from Marantz' Reference Series models and feature a host of advanced audio -enhancing technologies, plus custom -installation friendly features such as three sets of IR codes, Flasher Input and more. The Marantz PM5003 and PM8003 is scheduled to be available in October 2008.

Reference SA -15S2 SACD Player: Building on a Legend
To bring out the very best sound of today's advanced high -definition audio disc formats, including SACD, CD, and CD -R/RW recordings, the new Marantz SA -15S2 Reference SACD Player utilizes leading -edge Sirrus Logic processing, a super -solid chassis design, as well as refinements such as high -speed Discrete Analog Circuit (DAC) with HDAM SA2 Buffer Amps. A new precision mechanism, combined with an ingeniously designed shorter signal path circuit board construction adds to the SA -15S2's stunning music reproduction capabilities, decoding SACD's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) bit stream (1 -bit sampled at 2.8224 MHz) with frequency response to 100 kHz and an incredible dynamic range of 113 dB (at lower frequencies). The SA -15S2's solid chassis construction, combined with additional shielding and a double -layer bottom plate, eliminate sound -degrading vibration. The SA -15S2 will be available in
November 2008.

At CEDIA, Marantz is also debuting its Model SA8003 SACD player, featuring HDAM SA2 processing, a new drive mechanism as well as USB Audio Input, new CS4398 DACs and more, with stylish new cosmetics designed to complement the finest audio/video systems. The Marantz SA8003 is scheduled to be available in October 2008.

In addition to its two new SACD players, Marantz will also showcase its new CD5003 CD Player at CEDIA 2008, which features a Super Audio CD Grade 192kHz/24 -bit Cirrus Logic CS4392 D/A converter, HDAM SA2 processing and more to provide superior playback of CD and CD -R/RW, MP3 and WMA files. The Marantz CD5003 is scheduled to be available in September 2008.

SR4023 Stereo Receiver: Ideal for Multiple System Configurations
With attractive new styling, including a front panel derived from the Reference Series, the SR4023 Stereo Receiver, which replaces the popular SR4021, is the ideal solution for consumers who want to enjoy Marantz -quality sound reproduction of both audio and video sources. With 80 watt x2 power and complete with A/V switching and multiple video outputs, the SR4023 functions as the heart of a "home theater 2.0" system, a secondary zone, or a main music system. IR Flasher Input and RS232C capability, plus four video inputs and Triple IR Code sets for multiple uses adds to the SR4023's flexibility in home entertainment system building. The Marantz SR4023 is scheduled to be available in September 2008.

About Marantz
Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation's premier independent audio/video specialty retailers. Additional information is available at Marantz America is a wholly owned subsidiary of D&M Holdings Inc.

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