-- Company Launches 15 New Products with New Cosmetics, Shallower Chassis, Advanced Performance and Convenience Features; Unveils Attention Getting Ad Campaign --

DENVER, CO, September 4, 2008 - Marantz America, a world leader in advanced home entertainment solutions, will bring the anatomy of home entertainment excellence to center stage at CEDIA 2008, unveiling a bold advertising campaign keyed to a new range of products that reflect the company's 50 -year -plus record of achievement and its commitment to providing 21st century consumers with a stimulating "whole body experience." The campaign, which will be mirrored in Marantz' CEDIA Booth design, kicks off in September with a page -stopping series of print ads to appear in key industry trade magazines. It features images of new Marantzā products juxtaposed with visually striking anatomy book sketches of human organs (heart, eyes, ear, brain), underscoring the 'human component' that's central to the design of the products and the immersive experience they offer to consumers. The print campaign is scheduled to continue through 2009, and will be supported by a direct -mail initiative to current and target Marantz retailers.

Noted Kevin Zarow, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Marantz America, Inc: "Visitors to our CEDIA booth this year will literally see a whole new side of Marantz, and hopefully it will encourage them to take an even closer look at how our products are simply the best looking, best sounding, best featured and most reliable in home entertainment. Our anatomically themed ad campaign is designed to underscore the point that Marantz products are created to 'stimulate every nuance of the human component' - sight, sound, heart and soul. Indeed, with their elegant new cosmetic designs and shallower chassis, based on our award -winning line of Reference components, plus their leading -edge performance and convenience features, our new products stand head and shoulders above all others in today's home entertainment market."

Exciting New "Whole Body Experience" Marantz Products
CEDIA 2008 marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Marantz, as the company introduces a host of advanced audio and video products that combine elegant new cosmetics with leading -edge performance enhancements, 21st century multi -zone networking capabilities and more. The new line includes eight new products in Marantz's legendary High Fidelity and Reference lines; three new multi -channel audio/video receivers that offer new solutions for multi -room signal distribution; two new high performance video products; and two new Anamorphic lenses for the company's award -winning VP -11S2 and VP -15S1 1080p DLP® Projectors. All new Marantz products to be introduced at CEDIA, as well as all those planned for future introduction, will feature the company's elegant new faceplate and slimmer chassis, which make them ideal for rack mounting in multi -component systems. All are designed to give custom installers the solutions they need to better serve their clientele. Here's a quick look at Marantz' CEDIA introductions:

Three New A/V Receivers: Marantz' three new receivers, all featuring the company's elegant new shallower chassis design and stylish cosmetics, include the SR6003 (SRP: $1,199.99), replacing the SR6001; the SR5003 (SRP: $799.99), replacing the SR5002; and the SR4003 (SRP: $549.99), replacing the SR4002. For ease of set -up and enhanced performance, all feature HDMI repeating capabilities, eliminating signal loss and allowing them to repeat 1080p video signals from HDMI input to HDMI output as well as decode a variety of audio signals via HDMI.

Eight New Ultimate -Quality Separates: Marantz is announcing the upcoming introduction of eight ultimate -quality component separates at CEDIA 2008. The new line includes four new integrated amplifiers, including two Reference models, the PM -11S2 (SRP: $4,499.99) and PM -15S1GL (SRP: $1,999.99), as well as the PM8003 (SRP: $999.99) and PM5003 (SRP: $449.99). In addition, Marantz is introducing two SACD players, the Reference SA -15S2 (SRP: $1,999.99) and the SA8003 (SRP: $999.99) as well as a CD Player, Model CD5003 (SRP: $349.99) and a Stereo Receiver, Model SR4023 (SRP: $499.99). True to form as the industry's longstanding leader in reference -quality audio, the new separates from Marantz provide discriminating audiophiles and custom installation specialists with the advanced components they need to create ultimate -quality audio systems.

New Source Components: Marantz will showcase two new leading -edge video source components at - the BD7003 Blu -ray Disc Player (SRP: $799), and the DV4003 DVD Player (SRP: $249.99). Both units are scheduled for availability in November 2008.

New Anamorphic Lenses: Marantz will give discriminating home theater aficionados even more options for enjoying the finest quality video with the introduction of two new anamorphic lenses - the LN9103M (SRP: $10,999.99), and the LN -11S1 (SRP: $4,999.99) as companions to their award winning high -performance projectors, the VP -11S2 and VP -15S1 which were both upgraded in August 08 with new lens coatings. These new coatings further increase the contrast of the projectors for an even more cinematic experience.

Networking Showcase: Marantz will also showcase the advanced networking capabilities of its AV8003 A/V Preamplifier/Processor (SRP: $2,599.99) and MM8003 8 Channel Power Amplifier (SRP: $2,399.99) at CEDIA. Featuring brand new chassis designs and a host of advanced features and capabilities, the innovative products provide users with new levels of flexibility, convenience and performance in whole -home entertainment connectivity, offering exciting solutions for expanding and enhancing the enjoyment of home entertainment, including today's advanced high -resolution audio and video formats.

About Marantz
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