Transform your property into an energy saving, digital entertainment centre with the new 'Open AV' software from Open AV Ltd.

Open AV Ltd, a specialist provider of integrated entertainment, security, lighting, electrical and heating control solutions, is pleased to unveil its new, innovative Open AV control software.

Pimp your house!

UK, 23rd September 2008

Open AV Ltd, a specialist provider of integrated entertainment, security, lighting, electrical and heating control solutions, is pleased to unveil its new, innovative Open AV control software.

Designed to give you complete control of lighting, heating and digital entertainment in your property, the new Open AV software is an extremely user friendly, practical solution which transforms your home to be fully automated, and because it is based on a web platform it is easily tailored to suit specific individual requirements.

Key Features
Control your property from anywhere in the world
Control multiple dwellings from the same panel
Control any room from any room
Centralise digital equipment
Full CCTV integration
Energy consumption logging and monitoring for up 50% saving on energy consumption

The new Open AV solution, partnered with a fully integrated Custom Install Service, innovatively allows for full control of your heating and lighting as well as all of your digital entertainment equipment. It acts as a front end to multiple systems, eliminating the need for stacks of remote controls and rooms of cluttered cabling and equipment.

Giving you full control, Open AV innovatively allows you to control your home via multiple sources. If you are at home, then you can simply control any room from any room either via the on wall panel or by the remote control, so if the kids have their bedroom TV up too loud, or you want to ensure all of your properties lights' have been switched off before heading to bed without having to trawl around checking, you can do so from anywhere in the house with the click of a button. Alternatively, away from your home you can access the control panel remotely over the internet from a PC or your mobile phone. This allows you to take full control of your property before you even enter it and is especially useful if you have a holiday dwelling or second home as you can access and control multiple dwellings from anywhere in the world. Why not access your holiday home before you arrive to turn on the heating? Or turn some romantic music and mood lighting on before returning home with a hot date!

Digital Entertainment
Dedicated to serving the new digital world, Open AV allows you to take control of all of your entertainment equipment from one centralised entertainment hub - choose some soothing music to listen to whilst you relax in the bath or remotely access the sky box to record a favourite programme. Connected to the internet, Open AV also acts as a digital streaming centre allowing you to view remotely any of the video sources from every connected device in your home, so if you are stuck in a hotel that offers no entertainment, simply log on and access your catalogue of stored DVDs and music or watch your recorded programmes from your Sky box.

Extremely versatile, Open AV can also be used in partnership with integrated CCTV cameras and be accessed from a remote location to create a state -of -the -art security set -up. Not only can you view your property whilst you are away you can also dial into the system from a remote location and watch and talk to your family. Integrating Open AV with a CCTV set up is especially useful when set up in a second dwelling.

Environmentally friendly
Also of great benefit both at home and abroad is Open AV's control system for heating and lighting. If you are keen on doing you bit to help save the planet whilst lowering your energy bills, the incredibly diverse and accessible control that Open AV offers for heating and lighting delivers substantial cost saving benefits. By only using what is needed when it is needed, rather than using pre set schedules that do not take into account; temperature changes, delays getting home from work etc, it is possible to save over 50% on monthly energy bills! Open AV allows users to remotely access and adjust heating and lighting according to their needs.

Put simply, Open AV is a multi faceted 'pimp your house' solution that both; helps you to enjoy the advancements in digital entertainment at your leisure, and gives you full control of your energy consumption to help towards reducing your carbon footprint. Control systems also add value to your property. The many unique functions are extremely desirable, appealing to both conscientious energy savers and hard core entertainment enthusiasts, which in turn can increase your properties' future sell ability. Clever, clever house!

Open AV Ltd is currently available from specialist custom installer, Install Automation. For further information visit or

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