Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun Optimizes Use of Cat5E/6

MuxLab Inc, leader in CCTV and audio-video connectivity for Cat5E/6, is pleased to announce its latest solution for the custom AV market….The Stereo-AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun (p/n 500048, 500049). The Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Balun allows one composite

MONTREAL - MuxLab Inc, leader in CCTV and audio -video connectivity for Cat5E/6, is pleased to announce its latest solution for the custom AV market….The Stereo -AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun (p/n 500048, 500049). The Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun allows one composite video, one stereo audio channel and one IR emitter signal to be transmitted via in a point -to -point scenario over one Cat5E cable. The product features hi -fidelity audio performance with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz and screw terminals for connection to a 3rd party IR Remote Control emitter, thereby fully optimizing the use of the Cat5E cable. The Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun also features built -in color -coded RCA cable leads for greater ease of installation in the structured cabling environment. Its one -piece design allows it to be connected directly to any AV equipment and then patched in to the nearest Cat5 modular outlet.

Used in pairs, the Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun supports composite video and stereo Hi -Fi audio up to 2,200 feet (670m) and 3,250 ft (990m) respectively via Cat 5E/6 twisted pair cable (UTP). By allowing up to four (4) single use cables to be replaced by one (1) Cat5E/6 cable, the Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun is consistent with MuxLab's goal of providing more cost -efficient cabling solutions for custom AV systems. Totally passive and requiring no power supply; the Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun helps save a significant portion of the cabling cost in point -to -point AV connections, without sacrificing picture quality. Applications for the product are extensive and include: residential AV systems, digital signage, video -conferencing, projection systems, video kiosks, classroom instruction, tradeshow demos, PC -training, airline information systems, courtroom video arraignment, medical monitoring and CCTV security and surveillance.

The product features one (1) yellow RCA connector for video, two (2) RCA (red/white) connectors for stereo audio, one terminal block for IR emitter pass -thru and one (1) RJ45 connector for Cat5E/6. The Stereo AV/IR Pass -Thru Balun works in conjunction with DVD players, cable TV receivers, PC video cards, laptops, DLP projectors, satellite receivers, audio -video distribution amplifiers, switchers, servers, mod/de -modulators and scan converters that support composite video and stereo audio.
The product also works with MuxLab's line of wall, rack and surface mount accessories for a more versatile cabling solution.

For more information, please visit the MuxLab website ( or contact MuxLab at
+1 514 -905 -0588, or A 300 DPI product photo is available upon request.

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