Linn Products appoint Tannoy as new US Distributor

Linn Products, a Scottish based market leader in precision engineered music and movies systems, has appointed Tannoy North America as its new US Distributor.

CEDIA US Expo 3 -7 September, Denver, Co

Linn Products, a Scottish based market leader in precision engineered music and movies systems, has appointed Tannoy North America as its new US Distributor, who will assume responsibility for the sales, marketing, service and support of the full range of Linn products starting in October 2008.

Tony Owens, Linn Finance Director, said "We are delighted with this new relationship with Tannoy North America which will help us realise new ambitions for Linn in a market that has always been key for the company.

With the recent launch of the Linn DS products which have been hailed as the future of music, the sales potential and opportunities for Linn dealers have never been better and we are all excited about the future for Linn in this most progressive and demanding market. Linn has operated a subsidiary in the US since 1997, supporting a committed network of dealers who can satisfy the most discriminating customers in the world.

This partnership with a recognized market leader will not only deliver ongoing first -class service and support for our customers more efficiently and effectively, but also ensure Linn remains a premium brand for specialist dealers who want to differentiate themselves with premium performance and demonstrably better sound.

Tannoy has a wealth of distribution and sales expertise in the US audio market and has a dedicated and professional team who appreciate, understand and share our values and are perfectly placed to work with us and represent Linn in the US."

Tannoy North America's Chief Executive Officer, Marc Bertrand, echoed these sentiments saying, "TNA's partnership with Linn Products in the USA makes for the perfect symbiosis between two of the world's most respected audio brands. This distribution deal provides both companies with a fantastic opportunity to deliver performance and value to high end audio customers."

Linn and Tannoy are neighbours in Glasgow, Scotland and enjoy unrivalled reputations in their respective fields. Both companies are recognised for their engineering heritage and quality products. With their Headquarters and manufacturing facilities in such close proximity this new business partnership exploits natural synergies while ensuring that Linn continues to deliver the best products, value and service to their US customers.

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