Definition Install iw210s

The new Definition Install iw210s in wall subwoofer has been designed to underpin and accompany the existing iw63 DC and iw60 EFX in wall loudspeaker products.

The new Definition Install iw210s in wall subwoofer has been designed to underpin and accompany the existing iw63 DC and iw60 EFX in wall loudspeaker products, delivering effortless and powerful low frequency performance to rival that of many cabinet based models.

At 88dB (1W = 2.83V for 8 Ohms) the direct radiating sub is capable of high output levels (118db peak), with tremendous dynamics and stunning bass response, while still being agile enough to maintain finer musical detail with precision and speed. From media rooms to home theatre and boardrooms through to high end marine interiors, the iw210s sub delivers class leading accuracy, sensitivity and dynamics, providing a punchy bottom end to any movie soundtrack or music application.

Built around 1 x 250mm (10.00") bass driver and 1 x 250mm (10.00") passive radiator enclosed in an internally braced and comprehensively damped 11.5 litre plywood cabinet, the iw210s comes supplied with a paintable, flush mounting grille designed to blend seamlessly into any space - making it ideally suited to applications where architectural or design sensitivity is paramount.

A unique isolation mounting system optimises low frequency performance by controlling unwanted resonances within the install structure. A mounting frame is available for pre -installation to fit into standard construction 2" x 4" stud walls. There is also a mounting system for retro -fit after drywall has been erected.

Tannoy's Definition Install range is an outstanding line up of loudspeakers designed to satisfy a variety of installation applications encompassing home theatre, board rooms through to high end marine interiors. The range includes in -cabinet / behind -screen models as well as high performance, fully enclosed in -wall speakers. All offer exceptionally high sensitivity (as high as 98dB 1 Watt @ 1 meter). Two substantial in -cabinet subwoofers complete the extremely capable Definition Install line up.

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