Sonance Highlights Visual Performance® Series

Since its introduction a year ago the Sonance®, Visual Performance Series of custom-installation loudspeaker solutions has been hailed as the most complete and flexible range of in-wall architectural speakers.

San Clemente, CA -September 2008 -Since its introduction a year ago the Sonance®, Visual Performance Series of custom -installation loudspeaker solutions has been hailed as the most complete and flexible range of in -wall architectural speakers. Now Sonance, the company that invented and popularized in -wall and in -ceiling speakers has increased the Visual Performance Series unprecedented lineup by 14 new models for home -theater, single -stereo, and indoor/outdoor applications.

"The Visual Performance Series already offers by a wide margin, the industry's most compelling solution to the challenge of incorporating audiophile sound into today's sophisticated interior designs," says Sonance Chief Operating Officer Ari Supran. "These new models extend our line by applying the award -winning aesthetics to more applications throughout the house.

Like all Visual Performance Series models, the new additions combine elegant modern style with outstanding audio performance at a variety of performance levels, in a range of shapes and sizes, giving designers and installers the most flexible, capable, and fully integrated selection available. The new models span several performance levels and three basic sizes, and are all offered in rectangular, round, and square shapes. Together, the Visual Performance Series loudspeakers provide custom audio solutions that empower designers and installers to produce results that are truly stunning, visually as well as sonically. Visual Performance speakers are easy to install in new construction and retrofit jobs alike using familiar installation techniques, and feature one -piece, all -metal grilles and that make finishing simple, quick, and efficient.

Single Stereo
Sonance's latest Visual Performance Series introductions begin with a trio of two -way "single -stereo" models, engineered to produce surprisingly spacious, natural stereo sound from a single unit via dual -voice -coil woofers with dual tweeters. The VP65 SST (rectangle), VP65R SST (round), and VP65S SST (square) share 6.5 -inch carbon -fiber cone woofers and proven 1 -inch silk -dome tweeters in dual arrays, to bring satisfyingly musical reproduction to small spaces like hallways, alcoves, and bathrooms.

Distributed audio designs incorporating smaller speakers to perfectly match today's high end light fixtures will benefit from Sonance's new Visual Performance woofers. Available in three models, the VP85W (rectangle), VP85RW (round), and VP85SW (square) deploy a very long -throw 8 -inch carbon -fiber cone engineered for extended power handling.

Home Theater
Home theater installations benefit from three new Visual Performance models. The new high performance VP67 LCR marries two 6.5 -inch carbon -fiber woofers with a single 1 -inch silk -dome, Ferrofluid™ cooled tweeter in a symmetrical array ideally engineered for left -center -right -front channel playback in multichannel systems. The VP67 LCR's very wide response and substantial power handling ensure superbly dynamic, accurate sound, with playback at real cinema levels of even the most demanding movie soundtracks.

Second, a new dedicated surround channel model joins the series in two versions. The VP65R SUR (round), and VP65S SUR (square), both employ a 6.5 -inch/1 -inch carbon -fiber/silk -dome supplied in matched pairs especially designed for surround channel applications.

Sonance also extends the Visual Performance range into the multipurpose, indoor/outdoor realm with three new Extreme two -way models intended for humid areas such as baths and spas, and outdoor locations such as patio soffits, as well as for the most demanding marine applications. Both models -the VP65 XT (rectangle) and the VP65R XT (round) -feature a 6.5 -inch woofer and 1 -inch tweeter engineered for long -term durability in the most challenging environments, and temperatures. They are shock resistant and employ weatherproof stainless -steel and composite construction and hardware throughout. And its worth noting that the rectangular VP65 XT features a very shallow mounting depth, making it ideally suited for difficult installations such as cement or stucco construction, and in marine installations.

Also joining the lineup is the versatile VP65R SST X ideal for outdoor areas where space is a concern, or where the project demands stereo performance from a single speaker.

Available in November 2008. Suggested Retail Prices:
Visual Performance Woofers
VP85W $400.00/each
VP85RW $400.00/each
VP85SW $400.00/each

Visual Performance Single -Stereo
VP65 SST $430.00/each
VP65R SST $430.00/each
VP65S SST $430.00/each

Visual Performance Home Theater
VP67 LCR $600.00/each
VP65R SUR $700.00/pair
VP65RS SUR $700.00/pair

Visual Performance XT Extreme
VP65R SST X $600.00/each
VP65 XT $860.00/pair
VP65R XT $860.00/pair

About Sonance
Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Sonance was founded by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who introduced the world's first in -wall loudspeaker system to the consumer -electronics market in 1982. With distribution in 45 countries, Sonance remains at the forefront of technology by offering innovative design solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading custom integrators, architects, interior -design professionals, and design -conscious clients throughout the world.

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